Hiking, Wildlife & Birdwatching

Step out the lodge door, lace up your boots, breathe the fresh cool mountain air and set out on an adventure. Take your pick from over 50 km of hiking trails accessible directly from the resort and many more nearby. Within minutes you will be immersed in nature and a genuine Kootenay Rockies hiking experience. You could well be forgiven for believing you’re visiting a back-country hiking lodge as you stretch out your legs and head out for a few hours or a full day of hiking.

Deer, Black Bears, Elk, Columbian Ground Squirrels, and Big Horn Sheep are a common sight. You may also see a Grizzly, Coyote or even a Wolf. The Columbia Wetlands teem with birdlife including Marsh Wrens, Ducks, Grebe, Loons, Great Blue Herons, Owls, and Eagles. You may spot Wood Ducks, Mergansers, American Dippers, Sandpipers, and American Widgeons along the Columbia River. Riverside Golf Course is home to the Lewis Woodpecker. Please remember, wildlife should always be viewed from a safe distance.