Learn About The Hot Springs

Canada’s largest natural mineral hot springs

Immerse yourself in the largest natural mineral hot springs in all of Canada, located at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort! Let the soothing warmth of the waters relax your body as you take in the awe-inspiring mountain views. Whether you're in the mood for a swim, some leisurely recreation, or just want to unwind, our pools are suitable for all ages. Our soaking pool maintains a welcoming temperature of approximately 39°C (102°F), while the generously-sized swimming pool and dive pool provide refreshing waters at 32°C (89°F) and 30°C (86°F), respectively.

A serene and tranquil experience

With a daily flow of over 1.2 million gallons of fresh mineral water, our odorless and naturally heated pools promise a serene and tranquil experience that'll leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. So, take the plunge! 

Rates & Schedule  

Guest Exclusive Pool

The guest only Hot Springs pool, provides exclusive access to registered overnight Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Lodge Guests. 
Pool hours and allotted guest access times are subject to change without prior notice. 

Standard operating hours are 7:00am – 10:00pm

Maximum occupancy limit of 50 guests

Want to be a lifeguard?

Courses available in the Valley this Fall/Winter/Spring to get you ready for summer! Courses offered by Columbia Valley Swim Club. Contact columbiavalleyswim@gmail.com for more information and registration! 


Hot Springs and Your Health 

There’s something to be said about our innate desire to be near to or submerged in water. The sounds and sensations that water provides are unquestionably beneficial. 

For all ages, water is a source of joy and relaxation. Mineral-rich and naturally heated, the waters of Fairmont Hot Springs have acclaimed restorative powers. At Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, there are daily users who testify that the mineral waters’ harness healing powers, reporting a sense of rejuvenation after every soak. 

Did You Know? 

The water temperature in our hot pool is maintained at a relaxing 39ºC (102°F). The water in our large swimming pool is 32ºC (89°F), is a refreshing 30ºC (86°F). Mineral Content includes calcium bicarbonate, calcium sulphate, magnesium sulphate, sodium chloride, sodium sulphate, silica, potassium chloride and dissolved radium. 

History of Fairmont Hot Springs 

Incorporating the natural landscape, it’s as though Fairmont Hot Springs has existed here for an eternity, and in actuality – it has. 

What Once Was 

In the early 1900s, visionary John Hankey purchased the Fairmont Hot Springs Ranch from its original owner, Sam Brewer. Hankey renamed it the "Fairmont Hotel Springs" and offered accommodation for $2 per day, which included access to the hot springs. With the construction of the bathhouse, often referred to as a "palatial sanitarium," the resort established itself as a center for health, wellness, and hospitality—a tradition that continues today. 

A Ranch and a Resort

Hankey owned the ranch and roadhouse until 1912 when William Heap Holland, a wealthy cotton industry manufacturer from Manchester, England, arrived in the valley. Fascinated by the flowing hot waters, he purchased the property and operated it as both a ranch and a resort. So enchanted by the landscape, Holland published a brochure extolling the virtues of the Columbia Valley as the "land of milk and honey," attracting adventurers from England to his utopian haven. 

Fairmont Hot Springs has officially arrived

Under Holland's ownership, Fairmont Hot Springs expanded significantly. Recognizing the vast potential of the hot springs, he harnessed the water, built a swimming pool, erected the main Fairmont Hot Springs Ranch barn (which still stands today), started a restaurant, established a tenting camp, and constructed bungalows. Fairmont Hot Springs had officially arrived. 

Changing of Ownership and Architecture 

In the spring of 1957, two brothers, Lloyd and Earl Wilder from Saskatchewan, enjoyed a picnic at Fairmont Hot Springs. During a conversation with the resort manager, they learned of his desire to sell the resort and retire. 

The idea took root, and within a year, Lloyd, Earl, and a group of investors became the proud owners of Fairmont Hot Springs. By 1965, Lloyd Wilder had become the sole proprietor and immediately launched a major expansion that transformed the area into the internationally recognized resort it is today.

a place where families can escape their day-to-day lives

Despite all the advancements, changes, and progress, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort remains a place where families can escape their day-to-day lives and immerse themselves in the healing power of nature's splendid hot waters.