Where’s the View?

Looking out my window, which is thankfully an aesthetic of the office, viewing the invigorating hot springs set on a mountain backdrop I know that I am lucky to live here in the Columbia Valley. About three years ago when making the move from the flatlands of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to Invermere, British Columbia it was my immediate reaction to love the mountains, as most do, so I could hardly wait to take in all that B.C has to offer.

After surpassing four or five days the length of my usual vacation, the feelings of claustrophobia and being closed in started to occur as the horizon was nowhere to be seen. In Saskatchewan most say that you could see your dog run away to the next town, which is a myth because no person’s eyesight is that superhuman, but there is truth in the ability to see as far as the eye can see. The beauty of the prairies is in the sky, which is far different than in my new home of Invermere, B.C where there are these colossal landforms stretching throughout all the open spaces.

Although my vision was obstructed by the Rocky and Purcell mountain ranges, the image was quickly growing on me and my love for the area in which I live started. Coming from Saskatchewan it is natural that one of my true hobbies is camping and fishing, which is also widely available in the valley with fly-fishing a common sport. It is pretty easy to love the small, tranquil, turquoise blue lakes that have an abundance of fish that you can effortlessly see through the clear waters. Many people living in the valley do almost every outdoor activity under the sun, so it wasn’t long before I was persuaded to stretch outside my comfort zone and try a few other activities. This involved purchasing a cross country bike that I have taken through some beginner trails and more treacherous terrain, joining a running club and running my first half marathon and putting on my hiking shoes to take in the beautiful scenery.

On each return visit to Saskatchewan to visit family it seems as though something is missing and the sky appears so vast, the mountains and the Columbia valley are now truly my beautiful home.

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