West Bound

With three large suitcases, a snowboard and a pair of hiking boots in tow I was bound for the West. It was just three days ago that I was kept wide eyed and sleepless with excitement (and due to copious amounts of Tim Hortons coffee) on my two day and 14 hour bus ride from Toronto, Ontario to my new, more mountainous destination: Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia. My voyage would take me to a new life where I would take on the position of Marketing Coordinator at The Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in this magical little town of Fairmont Hot Springs.

In Cranbrook, about two hours from Fairmont, I transferred to a smaller bus where we veered through the mountain tops and averted deer passing on the road. Like a silly tourist I incessantly snapped photos of the placid blue lakes nestled between mountains covered in thickets of towering treetops. Everyone on the bus became clearly aware that it was my first time out West. I was told by the driver that I would be dropped off at the Fairmont grocery store. “Great!” I exclaimed, “where is it and what is the name?”  
“Well I can’t recall, but it is the only one in town,” he remarked with a smirk. And so there I was dropped off with my suitcases on a dirt road, the enchanting mountains sweeping the sky before me and it was at that moment my last three years living downtown Toronto flashed before my eyes, the hustling people, the racing cars, the angry horns of cab drivers and booming music. It was like a snow globe when all of the flakes float down to the surface and for the first time your see only yourself in the glass reflection of the globe before you, without distractions or noise. Just fresh air, time and mountains. As long as I am not expected to catch my own game for dinner tonight, I thought to myself, I am ready. And of course, once I made my way to the Staff accommodations and had a delightful meal at Mountainside Golf Course with Marion, the Marketing Manager, I knew I was exactly where I wanted to be.  With hot springs beneath a glorious mountain view, families of deer strolling by, trails to be hiked, rivers to be rafted, bears to be seen (from a distance) and incredible people to experience it with.
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