We’re opening – Friday, August 3rd

We are literally bubbling with excitement as we look forward to our re-opening date of Friday, August 3rd. The Fairmont Hot Springs Resort natural mineral pools, lodge, RV Park and all associated outlets will re-open next Friday – in time for the sunny long weekend.

The debris has been removed from the natural hot spring boxes, located up the Fairmont Creek and hot water ready to be funneled into the pools is literally bubbling from the ground. A permanent potable water supply line has been established to service both the lodge and RV Park, so all that is left to do is test, flush and re-test in readiness for opening weekend. Lastly, permament road access to the RV Park will be built.

Since, the debris flow on July 15th our team has been hard at work shining, polishing, fixing and repairing all facilities around the Resort to make them better than ever for re-opening. Here are some photos of the past few days of everyone hard at work:


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