View from the Top

One of the best things about skiing at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Ski Area or even having a bite to eat in the Ski Chalet at Desperados is the panoramic views of the Columbia Valley and the beautiful Stanford Range. When your eyes span across the beautiful views it seems that your mind and body just completely stop as you take in everything in front of you.

Sitting just behind the Ski Area is the Fairmont Ridge, one of the most prominent peaks in the Stanford Range of the Rocky Mountains with sheer rocky cliffs and snow capped peaks towering into the sky. If you glance in the other direction towards the valley and look North and South down the valley you can almost see the nearby towns on a clear day. Looking straight out you can see the unique Fairmont Hot Springs Hoodoos, which are a popular hiking and biking destination in the summer months.

Our tip for you is to take some time soaking it all in next time you are enjoying yourself at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort.



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