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Hiking, Wildlife & Birdwatching

Go Take a Hike!

Hiking Trails Galore

Right at our doorstep is an amazing, rugged landscape, hanging glaciers, waterfalls, and panoramic mountain summits just waiting for you to discover.

Explore over 50km of marked trails on Resort property or alternatively take on the extensive mountain playground of the Columbia Valley.

Trails range from easy to difficult and are suitable for either hiking or biking, so you can choose what suits you best. Enjoy our surroundings as much as we do, with trails such as the Hoodoos, Mount Swansea, the Bugaboos, and many more!

Birdwatching Hike Columbia Valley BC
Hiking Hoodoos Trail Fairmont Hot Springs
Birdwatching Hike Columbia Valley BC
Hiking Hoodoos Trail Fairmont Hot Springs

Drop into our Recreation & Experience Centre for recommendation and current trail information including where to spot birds and other wildlife.

Take a Walk on The Wild Side

Wildlife & Bird Watching

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort offers many viewing opportunities on property and within the surrounding area.

Our resort’s naturalist team is on-site and ready to inspire! Ask us about our favourite wildlife and bird watching areas. We do our best to stay up-to-date on where and when animals and birds are visiting an area.

Resort Property

You don’t need to go far to see local wildlife and birds – just steps from your hotel room door offers an opportunity to see deer, elk, big horned sheep, and an array of different bird species. Hear Ruby Crowned Kinglets on your way to the hot pools, relax to the soothing song of the red-eyed-vireo, and take in the other sounds and sights of nature while relaxing in the sun.

Columbia Lake Provincial Park (5 min)

While traveling down this well-maintained dirt road, look up on the mountainside for Big Horned Sheep and along the wetlands for Marsh Wrens, ducks, and spotted frogs. Scan the shores of Columbia Lake for many species of Grebe, Loons, Great Blue Herons, and more. Enjoy the open grassland where Bluebirds, Western Meadowlarks, Crossbills, elk, and ground squirrels are often found.

Lewis’s Woodpecker on Riverside Golf Course

Our very own golf course is home to one of the more uncommon bird species of the area – the Lewis’s Woodpecker. Within the golf course grounds, five nesting pairs have been spotted. This is an easy way to tick this bird of your bird species list. In 2010, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort and the Columbia Basin Trust planted 1,000 trees with the intention of sustaining this sought-after Lewis’s nesting habitat. You may also spot Wood Ducks, Mergansers, American Dippers, Sandpipers, and American Widgeons along this section of the Columbia Rivers, which flows through Riverside Golf Course.

The Columbia Wetlands

The Columbia Wetlands is a large wetland and river system located in the bottom of our local valley. These wetlands are one of the largest in Canada and on the planet. This 180 km wetland system is recognized as a wetland of international importance by the United Nations under the RAMSAR Treaty. Viewpoints of this wetland system offer great birding opportunities.

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