The Power of Being Canadian

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What does it mean to be a proud Canadian? Is it a love of hockey and fishing? Is it the ripple of pride when you hear the national anthem played at an event or when you see the RCMP dressed in their finest performing as the Musical Ride, a recognizable symbol of Canada around the world? Is it acceptance of the equality of people, regardless of colour, creed or sex?  While the nation enjoys BBQs, family gatherings, fireworks and parades across the country on July 1st ‚Äîfor some people like our hardworking and popular housekeeper Daysi, Canada Day has an extra special meaning this year.

Daysi proudly became a Canadian citizen this week, after ten years in her adopted Canadian homeland. In a life journey that brought her from Honduras, to Canada and to the beautiful mountain valley where Fairmont Hot Springs is located, Daysi worked hard to be awarded citizenship. She studied long hours to pass the difficult citizenship exam, filled with questions most patriotic Canadians couldn’t even answer about the country they were born in. And then she waited excitedly for  the news about where she would need to attend the ceremony that would make her decision to become a citizen official. Rural residents in BC are required to travel long distances and on short notice to attend their citizenship ceremony, and Daysi travelled to Kelowna in the Okanagan on a week’s notice, hundreds of miles away to be sworn in. The entire process took two years.

This Canada Day, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort salutes Daysi and all the hardworking new citizens of Canada who chose the “great white north” as a land of opportunity and hope for the future. Our newest citizens have worked hard for the right to call themselves Canadian and wave the maple leaf. Celebrate the day with them!

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