The Joys of Spring


Here in the Columbia Valley we are spoiled with usually mild temperatures all winter long and tons of activities to keep you busy indoors and outdoors. However; when the first signs of birds chirping, sun shining and green (or brown) grass appear it tends to liven our spirit as we look forward to the joys of spring. Perhaps, spring is so exciting because really everything is doing something – flowering, mating, hatching, hunting or singing. All these joyous signs of springs are on display at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort with lots of natural surroundings and wildlife to observe right from the office window, the hotel room or the golf course.

The earth is now tinted with bright colors, so if you are still hibernating indoors come on out and have a taste of fresh spring air. All three golf courses at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort are in full swing, so soak up all the vitamin D that you can in the warm sunshine. For the non-golfers, now is the perfect time to take a hike in the mountains, test out the cross country bike trails or even pack a picnic and head to one of the many viewpoints in the area.  Whatever activity you decide to do, pause for a moment and enjoy the new signs of life and the warm sunshine.  


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