The Bathing Beauty


Work continues dawn to dusk at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. Teams have been working hard as they dig for the source of the natural hot springs and re-establish water connections back to the lodge.

We were up the Fairmont Creek removing debris and rebuilding the hot springs source and one lucky guy, Cliff jumped right in and was the first person to bathe at the source for a very long time (probably decades!). The water at this point is extremely hot, so Cliff was very brave to be able to sit and relax in the beautiful water. This water will soon be connected back to our pools and mixed with colder creek water to make it a perfect temperature for guests to enjoy.

In addition to efforts to restore the flow of hot water from the springs to the pools, we are also building a new water supply line from the reservoir to the lodge (the old supply lines were obliterated in the debris flow). Extensive excavation is required to lay the necessary pipe over the 1.5km span – no easy task in mountainous terrain.

Stay tuned for further updates or check our Facebook Page for more information.



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