Ten Top Tips for Health & Wellness


Sure, we all know we need to eat properly, get more sleep, exercise and cut the stress levels in order to optimize our health. But there are many additional simple positive actions to bring into your daily routine that promote good health. Below are ten easy health tips, as recommended by our health and wellness experts at the  Natural Springs Spa to promote well-being and longevity*:

  1. EAT WHOLE FOODS. Choose a clean diet plentiful in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish.
  2. BE ACTIVE. A body in motion stays in motion. Keep yours moving if you want to extend your life.
  3. DO SOME HEAVY LIFTING. Strength training not only keeps us from hunching over as we age, but it also helps prevent osteoporosis.
  4. TOUCH AND BE TOUCHED. Research shows that babies who aren’t touched do not thrive. Adults suffer from the same effect. Book a therapeutic massage, facial or pedicure to revive your thrive!
  5. DEFAULT TO YES. Longevity experts agree that maintaining social networks is critical as we age. The more activities, groups and classes you are involved with , the better (and longer) your life!
  6. HELP OTHERS. Volunteering for causes that are important to you ‚Äî or even just allowing a friend to bend your ear can give you a mental boost and promote a feeling of gratitude.
  7. LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Experts claim that focusing on the here and now, and taking life one day at a time, helps you to stay present, grounded and calm.
  8. TAKE A MENTAL RETREAT. Spending just a few minutes imagining a peaceful scene floods your body with feel-good chemicals that reduce stress, boost immunity and promote healing.
  9. BREATHE. Take a big breath and exhale anxiety.
  10. THINK POSITIVE. Our thoughts create our lives, offer a smile to a stranger and watch it grow.

*Tips suggested by healinglifestyles.com

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