Ten Things to Know About Bears


When you visit Fairmont Hot Springs Resort please be aware that bears live in the area.

In BC, it is an offence to feed or leave out items that will attract dangerous wildlife like cougars and bears. Food conditioning occurs when a bear learns to feed regularly on human food. Rehabilitation and relocation are ineffective. According to the Government of British Columbia ‘Bear Smart’ nearly 950 black bears and 50 grizzly bears are being destroyed in BC every year! We can help prevent this tragic loss of bears by stopping them feeding on our food and reducing the learned behaviour of lingering around our community.

Here are some helpful tips to keep ‘Bear Smart’:

  1. Keep garbage in the house, garage, shed or your RV.
  2. Don’t add meat products or cooked food to compost, turn it regularly and keep it covered.
  3. Pick ripe fruit and fallen fruit daily.
  4. Remove unused fruit trees.
  5. Use birdfeeders only in winter.
  6. Keep ground free of seeds.
  7. Clean your BBQ grill after each use.
  8. Store BBQ in a secure area.
  9. Bring pet dishes inside and clean up any spillage.
  10. Store pet food indoors.

If you encounter a bear:

  • Remain calm, do not panic.
  • Slowly make yourself as large as possible and speak in a calm voice. Slowly move away to a safe area.
  • Do not scream or yell as this may provoke a bear.
  • Do not run as this may trigger a pursuit by a bear.

Thanks to Bear Aware – British Columbia Conservation Foundation for the above information. For more tips and information about bears visit  www.bearware.bc.ca

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