Summer Sipping

With the arrival of the sun and nice warm weather, our thoughts turn to patios, picnics and barbecues. With that in mind, it can often be difficult to decide on which wine to have and going to the local liquor store doesn’t really help either. There are so many different choices that it can be overwhelming when you first walk in.

If you are a red wine drinker, but you prefer something cool and refreshing in the heat of summer, you cannot go wrong with a Rosé. A true Rosé, not a White Zinfandel, is made from red wine grapes. What gives it that pink color is the limited contact with the skins, seeds etc. With the limited contact, the tannins and body of the wine are softer and easier to sip. This results in a beautiful wine that has the tastes of a red wine, but the easy drinking of a white. As Rosés should be served chilled, they offer that perfect alternative to a red wine on those hot summer days. Rosés go with just about anything you could ask, but they go especially well with barbecue.

If you prefer a white wine, the German varietals are also a good choice. B.C. produces some of the tastiest Ehrenfelsers, Gewurztraminers and Rieslings that I have ever tried. As the primary grape growing area of B.C. is on the same latitude of the wine growing area of Germany, German varietals grow absolutely wonderful here. While each wine is a little different, they are all similar in the fact that they do have a little more residual sugar. What this means is that the wine is slightly sweeter and often has a fruiter nose on it. These are my favorite wines to finish off a hard day’s work with as they don’t have to be paired with anything except a good time. If you are looking to pair, try something with a little kick, Asian cuisine, Thai or Mexican would all go wonderful with these varietals.

So this summer, as it starts to warm up, don’t forget to sip, savour, and enjoy!

Cheers, Erin Dowsett

  • Food and Beverage Supervisor/East Kootenay Wine Festival Coordinator
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