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Even though we don’t like closing our pools to our guests and local swimmers, they need a rest once a year and a little TLC to keep them in great shape. The public hot pools were closed from May 8 to May 15, re-opening on Sunday at 8am.

This year we picked a great week to begin and complete our renovations! The sun was shining and the average temperatures stayed around 22°. During the maintenance and renovation our staff worked exceptionally hard Рdonning coveralls instead of their usual red lifeguard outfits and getting down into the pools every day to make sure the work was completed on time. There was patch work to be done, grinding and smoothing of the pool surfaces and, of course, two coats of paint to be put down on the public pools. When all was said and done we went through 32 gallons of paint!

Now our work is complete and the pools look fantastic so what are you waiting for? Come out and enjoy them!

Take a look at our video and see for yourself: Pool Maintenance Video

Also, as a special side note, last Sunday before the pool closure we had a group of Special Olympians come out to train in the pools – what a great day that was! This group will be coming every Sunday until late June to use the pools for training and, hopefully, a rewarding soak afterwards.

  • Submitted by Cathy DeGuise, Pool Manager
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