Skiing vs. Snowboarding


Skiing vs. Snowboarding

For many, the topic of Skiing vs. Snowboarding can be quite controversial as it is often believed that one is better than the other. Although I have solely chosen one method my opinion is that both sports allow you to bolt down the mountain at unheard of speeds, graze through soft powder and offer countless hours of fun and exhilaration.

The art of skiing was present on the mountains far before snowboarding came to life, so naturally it was not well liked by the mountain frequenters. The teenage skate punks of snowboarding came with an accompanying attitude that the average skier didn’t appreciate. This new form of snow sport brought the lawlessness of street skating to the arena where mostly only strict slope etiquette applied. And so, the war began and it was ultimately skiing vs. snowboarding.

On one side we have the traditional upper class skier who wants the slopes free of these disrespectful hoodlums with their baggy pants. On the other, the enthusiastic new snowboarder, scornful of the skiers yuppie style. Naturally, these two crowds take every opportunity to berate each other. For boarders, it’s common to mock skiers for their use of ‚Äòtwo planks’ and their legendary one piece suits. Skiers are equally guilty, believing they have the right to the slopes, claiming boarders don’t follow the laws – scraping off all the best snow.

The bottom line is, young skiers and snowboarders today don’t care whether you ride one plank or two, face forwards or sideways or are a “knuckle-dragger” or a “slick two stick”. Whatever number of planks you choose, just make sure to invest in some lessons and prepare to end up with sore muscles and a mouthful of snow. 


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