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Operating Hours: 9:30am to 4:00pm

  • Snow Conditions
    excellent spring skiing
  • Ski Conditions
    Packed and Machine groomed runs
  • Special Events
    Tube Park open
Lifts 3/3 OPEN
  • OPEN

    Sundance Triple Chair

    This Doppelmayr Triple Chair climbs 304 vertical metres (1000 vertical feet) to a mountain of trails for all skiers and riders.If you've never used a chairlift before, just ask our Lift Attendants to help you out.

  • OPEN

    Happy Trails Platter Lift

    The Snowbird Platter is easy to load and easy to ride! With multiple unloading zones, it rises gently before steepening near the top of the lift. If you've never used a Platter Lift before, just ask our Lift Attendants to help you out.

  • OPEN

    Pony Express Lift

    The Magic Carpet is the very best place to learn in the Columbia Valley! Step on and admire the view of jagged mountain peaks while you travel to the top of our Novice slope.Smooth, wide, gentle terrain will help you quickly build confidence.

Trails 14/14 OPEN
  • OPEN novice

    Easy Rider

    If this is your first time up the chair, then Easy Rider should be your first run.Take a minute to admire the spectacular view and then wind your way down this wide undulating trail. Look for fresh powder off to the sides and make tracks.

  • OPEN novice

    High Plains Drifter

    A smooth, long cruise ideal for skiers and riders who have spent some time on the mountain. The trail starts out as a gentle traverse, then steepens and narrows a little before before opening out as it approaches the Ski Chalet.

  • OPEN novice


    Ride on Cowboy! Once you've mastered the Magic Carpet, this is the next trail you must ski.Ride the Platter and exit where you feel comfortable. Take one of several traverses to the wide, flat trail leading back to the Ski Chalet.

  • OPEN intermediate

    Short Cut

    Short cut is a smooth, straight run back to the Ski Chalet. There's a steepish pitch at entry and this means some pass it by missing run after run of untouched corduroy.

  • OPEN intermediate


    The mountain's signature run is lit for Nightskiing on Friday nights in February.Superb grooming on an undulating slope makes for a smooth and fast blast to the base.

  • OPEN intermediate

    Snow Gun

    1000 vertical feet, straight down... That's Snow Gun.When the snow is deep, deviate from the main trail and hit banks, rollers and gullies (the lift line is cool too). Stay skiers right on the main pitch and show off while folks on the chair watch.

  • OPEN intermediate

    Gold Fever

    Gold Fever is the trail of choice for skiers and riders who are ready for Blue trails.The wide and well groomed slope rolls over a couple of steeper pitches as it follows the fall line of the mountain.

  • OPEN intermediate

    Crooked Tree

    Crooked Tree shoots you from Gold Fever back to the Ski Chalet. Just know that folks on the chair are watching your style...The wide, groomed pitch is best suited to more experienced skiers and riders.

  • OPEN advanced


    If you have the skills, dive off High Plains Drifter and carve some fast turns down Lasso.It's a short pitch but is steep enough to get your heart racing after the cruise down.

  • OPEN advanced

    Two Gun

    When the Rocky Mountain Powder is deep and dry, take the time to find Two Gun.It's narrower and steeper than other trails, with testing soft bumps. Watch for unmarked hazards, especially when you're playing around the trees.

  • OPEN advanced


    Who says that there isn't any tough skiing at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort?Yahoo will let you know where your skills are at. A narrow entry opens to a steep and bumpy pitch; you'll need to work hard to keep it together.

  • OPEN advanced


    Desperado is another trail which will surprise those who think they have a bunch of bullets in their holster.The slope is ungroomed, so you'll usually find soft bumps mid-trail, with stashes off to the sides.

  • OPEN novice

    Cross Country Trail 6KM

  • OPEN undefined

    Outlaw Alley Tube Park


  • OPEN advancedNovice

    Kick er' Loose Terrain Park

    Let the little ripper's loose to show off their skills in the brand new Kids Terrain Park. Great tricks for those learning or looking to progess through the levels.

  • OPEN advancedIntermediate

    Hang em' High Terrain Park

    The Hang em' High Terrain Park is back bigger and better than ever.

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