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RV Resort Policies

Please view our COVID-19 Policies and Procedures before making a reservation.

Frequently Asked Questions and Policies

Frequently Asked Questions
These can be found posted by the front door of the RV Office, at each washroom, on the website and on the back of map you were given at check-in. Please read the policies carefully.
CALL 911. The 911 Operator will need to know where you are located (Fairmont Hot Springs RV Resort, 5225 Fairmont Resort Rd, Fairmont Hot Springs, BC), your site number and a contact number for you.
Resort Security can be contacted at 250.345.6311. If you have a security issue during the RV Office hours please contact us at 250.345.6033 or 1.800.663.4979 ext 6033.
We are an RV Resort only. Tenting is not permitted.
Lawn care is on-going throughout the week but we mow the lawns on Wednesday and Thursday, so we ask that all lawn furniture is removed from grassy areas at on these days. In order to keep our beautiful grass green, the automatic sprinklers will be watering between midnight and 5am, please remove all lawn furniture you would prefer to stay dry.
Due to our irrigation system we also ask that you refrain from placing any stakes and posts into the grass.
We do advise that you use a water pressure regulator.
We offer free Wi-Fi throughout the RV Resort. We suggest finding the strongest signal for the area of the Resort you are located in (fhsr-hotspot, fhsr-cabins, fhsr-RV1, RV2, RV3 or RV4). There is no password required- you can simply log-in.
We have hiking and biking trails on our resort – please pick up a trail map at the RV Office. Although we are not familiar with all the trails we will do our best to guide you in the right direction. Please be aware that we do have wild animals in the area – never approach wild animals; always hike in a group and make noise. Please read “Living in Bear Country” below for more information.
Change, Refund & Cancellation Policy
  1. All changes to an existing reservation are subject to a minimum $25 change fee. These fees are non-refundable.
  2. Multiple changes will result in multiple change fees.
  3. All reservation cancellations will result in a minimum 3-night non-refundable charge (2 night and 1 night charge respectively for lesser stays).
  4. Full payment will be forfeited for all cancellations made within 7 days prior to arrival date.
  5. Booking credit will be given for mandatory evacuation only. All evacuation credits will expire at the end of the issued calendar year.
  6. After check-in, no refunds will be given for an early departure, regardless of reason, no exceptions.
  7. Refunds will not be given for inclement weather or excessive heat/sunshine, wildlife, insects, air/water quality, excessive weeds, fire or liquor bans, personal vehicle or trailer trouble, getting lost, road construction or road closures, FHSR RV Resort conditions (i.e., poor customer service, unsatisfactory conditions etc.) or eviction.
  8. Refunds will not be given for pre-existing medical conditions that may trigger during your stay (i.e., Asthma attack from campfire or wildfire smoke, a reaction to an insect sting/bite) or if a member of your party becomes ill but does not require medical attention.
  9. Refunds will not be given for change of plans due to arrangements falling through (i.e., childcare, pet care or getting called into work).
  10. Refunds will not be given for reducing number of nights once checked in.
  11. If a technical issue occurs during the booking process or making changes through the online reservation portal a refund can be made.
Booking Policy
  1. Ensure you book a site that can accommodate your RV and tow vehicle as not all sites can accommodate all RV sizes. No refunds will be given for incorrect bookings by reservation holder.
  2. Not all sites can accommodate all RV sizes. Ensure you book a site that can accommodate your RV and tow vehicle. No refunds will be given for incorrect bookings by reservation holder.
  3. You must have a certified RV or motorhome to reserve a site in the RV Resort. Trucks with truck caps, roof top tents or converted vans or buses that are not certified will not be allowed. If you arrive in a non certified unit or something other than what is indicated on the reservation, your reservation will be cancelled and charged as per the cancellation policy. No tents are allowed in the RV Resort. Please book at our Spruce Grove Campground.
  4. If the RV Park office is closed upon arrival, check-in & payment instructions are posted outside the office door.
  5. No extra charge for up to two adults and dependent children under 18 years of age (additional guests $5 per person per night plus taxes. 8 guests per site maximum)
  6. All reservations are allowed one RV & one vehicle per site, any additional vehicles must obtain a parking permit. All vehicles that cannot park on the site due to size limitations or additional vehicles must park in the upper lot located by the RV Park Office, no exceptions.
  7. All reservations are subject to a non-refundable deposit.
  8. Reservation balances are due 7 days before arrival.
  9. All confirmed reservations are non-transferable and subject to change in fees as per our Change, Refund & Cancellation Policy.
General Policies
Please help us make every guest’s stay pleasant one. The following regulations are for the enjoyment and protection of all our guests:
  1. Check-in time is between 2pm - 8:30pm MST. Long weekends may vary. Access to amenities will not be granted until your RV or motorhome is on site.
  2. Check-out time is prior to 11am MST.
  3. Please make travel arrangements accordingly as early check-ins are not permitted. Not all sites are able to accommodate awnings.
  4. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort (FHSR) reserves the right to deny access to our property and services for any reason.
  5. The reservation holder accepts all responsibility for any member of the party and/or all visiting guest(s).
  6. Please be a courteous camper and keep all noise levels to a minimum. Quiet time is 10:30pm – 8:30am.
  7. We are a pet friendly RV Resort; please read our pet policy.
  8. As FHSR RV Resort is family friendly we have a zero-tolerance policy for public intoxication and vulgar language. Violation of this will result in immediate eviction and involvement of law enforcement if necessary.
  9. FHSR RV Resort has a zero-tolerance policy for threatening or verbal abuse towards all staff members. Violation of this will result in immediate eviction and involvement of law enforcement if necessary.
  10. Propane fire pits, BBQ’s, and stoves only. No wood burning appliances or fires are allowed at the RV Resort.
  11. Tenting is not permitted at the RV Resort. Tenting is available at Spruce Grove Campground.
  12. All personal property and picnic tables are to remain on the asphalt pads. No stakes, spikes, or other objects are to be places in the ground as there is an underground watering system. Any damages will be charged accordingly.
  13. Do not leave any food, waste, or garbage in or around your site as it attracts wildlife. There are Bear Bin garbage bins provided throughout the park.
  14. Any site that leaves food, waste, or garbage unattended or leaves behind a mess after check-out will be charged a $75 cleaning fee.
  15. Alcohol, Cannabis, Smoking, and Vaping may be consumed on the registered site but is prohibited in all public areas of the RV Resort.
  16. Generators are not permitted in the RV Resort, with exceptions to sites 222 – 225.
  17. Fireworks are prohibited on all FHSR property. Use of Fireworks will result in immediate eviction.
  18. FHSR assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property, injury to person or pets.
  19. No parking on any roadway, laneway, or site other than your own. Violations will be dealt with accordingly and may result in being towed to an approved parking area at owner’s cost. The RV Resort speed limit is 10km/hr.
  20. Please do not disrupt the natural ecosystem or the curated grounds greenery of the FHSR property. Leave all tress, plants, flowers. rocks etc. as they are.
  21. Please refrain from use of damaging products on FHSR trees. This includes but is not limited to nails, screws, hooks, axes etc.
  22. Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is a drone free property due to the proximity of the airport. This is a Transport Canada regulation; violators will be fined according to Federal regulations.
Be Bear Aware
Living In Bear Country
We are lucky to share our backcountry with various wildlife, so it is important to be aware of safety tips to help keep you and your family safe. Be sure to clean up after all meals and dispose of garbage in the appropriate facilities. Be sure to lock up all food, cosmetics, and anything that smells ‘yummy’ to a bear, especially fish! While staying in bear country, keep children close and in sight and stay on all marked trails. If you spot a bear, make a wide detour and leave the area immediately. Make loud noises and warnings signs.

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