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Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Announcement

*UPDATED – Large cool pool and Dive Tank will be closed starting Monday, March 18th. Large cool pool scheduled to re-open April 1st.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort (FHSR) is pleased to announce the renovations of their public Natural Hot Springs Pools. As part of the ongoing changes to FHSR the renovations of the pools will take place starting January 7, 2019 and be completed by May 15, 2019 in time for the summer season. All three of the triplex pools complex will be renovated; the hot pool, the cool or lap pool and the dive tank.

“FHSR is really excited to be starting this important project at the resort. The plan is not to have the whole pool complex closed at all during the renovations. There will always be a pool in operation. Having said that we anticipate there may be the need to have the odd closure as the project proceeds. Any renovation project will encounter unforeseen challenges. We are excited about what the finished project will offer our pool patrons once it is complete” said FHSR President/CEO Pascal van Dijk.

FHSR COO and project manager, Brian Daviduke, is also excited and says, “We are really pleased with the contractor we have selected for this project. They are specialists in pool renovations such as this and have been doing it for decades. We are confident the disruption to our pool patrons and resort guests will be minimized during the project”.

FHSR will be offering special pool rates during this renovation period.


Estimated Project Timeline

March 18-31: Large Pool and Dive Tank will be shut down.
April 1-13: Dive Tank will be shut down.
April 14-30: Hot Pool will be shut down.
May 6-8: Large Pool and Dive Tank will be shut down.
May 9-10: Hot Pool will be shut down.

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