Melt your Stress Away

There aren’t many things that only require you to relax and yet are incredible for your health at the same time; but mineral springs are definitely one of them. One of the big problems for many unhealthy (and even healthy) people is stress, and let’s be honest, who isn’t at least a little stressed out from time to time? Stress can take a huge toll mentally and physically, but the second you step into a hot spring you begin to feel the weight of the world melt from your shoulders. This isn’t your mind playing tricks on you, hot springs are scientifically proven to relax you and benefit your entire body.

Mineral-rich and naturally heated, the waters of Fairmont Hot Springs are packed full of minerals that will wash worries from your everyday life and even provide some pretty cool health benefits. Unique to Fairmont Hot Springs is our odourless waters filled with Calcium Bicarbonate, Calcium Sulphate, Magnesium Sulphate, Sodium Sulphate, Silica, Potassium Chloride and Dissolved Radium. We know these are big words that sound important, but what benefits do they actually provide? The soothing hot spring water will increase metabolism, accelerate healing, soothe muscles, improve blood circulation, and detoxify the body’s lymphatic system.

However, even if hot springs contained no trace of any mineral, they would still be highly beneficial to your health and the secret is in the water. Medical balneologists claim that water at a temperature of around one-hundred degrees Farenheit does several amazing things for your body. Hot spring water is known to stimulate your toxin elimination systems and improve your digestive system. These are all nearly immediate effects, and with continued mineral spring therapy you can expect greater benefits. Normalized endocrine glands and an improved automatic nervous system are two documented effects. These are some pretty great benefits for having to do nothing but kick back, relax and let your stress fade away, wouldn’t you say?

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