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Activities Calendar


Ninjitsu Training

2 hours | 11am

Bubble Mania

1pm | 5pm

Bike Parade


Archery Advanced

4pm - 5pm

Music in the Park - Jake Mathews

3pm - 7pm

Mini Golf

9am - 8pm

Scavenger Hunt

9pm - 5pm

Guided Nature Hike

10am - 11:30am

Toy time at the Pools

10am - 12pm

Outdoor Candy Bar Bingo

12:30pm - 1:30pm

Daily Craft

1pm - 2pm

Archery for beginners

2:30pm - 3:30pm

Evening Stroll & Hiking Basics


Colouring Sheets

9am - 5pm

Kids Movie night

7pm - 9pm

Children’s Book Reading with Fairy Dazzle


We are excited to be adding more activities and activity details to this calendar as they become available. Please check back often!

KidsFest FAQ’s

A: Fairmont Hot Spring Resorts KidsFest is available to Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Lodging, RV, and Spruce Grove Campground guests.

Our food and beverage outlets, Golf Courses, Hot Springs Pools, Music in the Park and the Fairmont Hot Springs Fire Department visit are open to everyone.

A: The public can enjoy the Hot Springs Pools, our three different Golf Courses, as well as all our food and beverage outlets. Music in the Park is open to everyone to enjoy. Smokehouse 93 will be in the Park on Saturday afternoon serving great BBQ food. Fairmont Hot Springs Fire department will be at the Resort on August 24th from 2 - 3:30 pm and everyone is welcome.

A: Every child that is checking in during KidsFest will receive a Fairmont Hot Springs Resort wristband indicating that they are staying at either the Lodge, RV, or Spruce Grove Campground.

A: Some activities require guests to sign up in advance. Check our KidsFest schedule to see which activities will require signing up.

A: Most of the KidsFest activities are free of charge for Fairmont Hot Springs Lodging, RV & Spruce Grove Campground guests. There are a few activities like Pony Leads, Junior Golf lessons, and BBQ presentations that have a small fee.

A: If your child is comfortable being with our activities team you can drop them off for each activity but please pick them up after the activity is done. Childcare services are not available.

A: KidsFest is only available to guests staying at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, including RV and Spruce Grove Campground.

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Ninjitsu Training (Day One)

Ninmu 任務 (mission) begins.

Beginning day look at the strategies and tools of why the ninja warrior strategy worked so well amidst the most turbulent times of Feudal Japan. Setting mission objectives, and using the tools layed out in your planning and keeping your word as success for the mission what ever it is.

Bubble Mania


Learn how to make a giant bubble, how to blow a bubble within a bubble and different methods of bubbleology. The bubble artists create giant, sturdy bubbles that move and dance in the air creating a stunning iridescent visual. Meet us in the Park.

Bike Parade


Come and show off your bike at the bike parade. The bike parade will go through the Lodge grounds to make sure everyone gets to see your bike. Bring your own decorations or meet at 2:30 for decorations. Sign up here: 

Archery Advanced

Ages 15+ Sign up here

Mini Golf

Free Rentals available at Basecamp

Scavenger Hunt

Come see us at the Recreation Centre

Guided Nature Hike

We have something for everyone, if you are looking for wildlife sightings, quiet nature walks, discovering the past, fitness challenges or family fun…

Join our activity experts on an interpretive walk on our hiking trails. Sign up here

Outdoor Candy Bar Bingo

A perfect way to add a little chocolate and candy to a fun bingo game! Sign up here

Daily Craft

Sign up here

Archery for Beginners

It’s all about archery for beginners. Learning to shoot a bow and arrows is simple when you realize your shot starts from the ground up. Ages 8+ Sign up here

Evening Stroll & Hiking Basics

Wether you’re up for a relaxing evening walk or you would like to learn some simple hiking basics…this is the right activity for you! You can learn how to choose a hike, what clothing to wear and other essentials like what food or gear to bring. A fun activity for the whole family!

Colouring Sheets

Come see us at the Recreation Centre

Kids Movie Night

On your hotel room TV Channel!

Children’s Book Reading with Fairy Dazzle


Mary Catherine Rolston retired in March 2016 after over 23 years of teaching kindergarten to grade 7. For thirty years she has crafted her skills in writing, poetry, children’s stories, and two business parables. In 2012 she placed 34 in Writer’s Digest 5th annual Poetry Awards with her poem Fallen Starfish. Once retired she chose to carpe diem, invest in her writing, and begin the journey of self-publishing her work.

Come and join Fairy Dazzle for Storytime in the Spruce room from 2:30pm until 4:30pm. The Spruce room is located on the lower floor in the main lodge.

Ninjitsu Training (Day Two)

Shinobi Aruki 忍び歩き

Ninja movement skills and principles of walking that allowed the ninja great enhanced sensitivity and awareness.

Junior Golf Lessons


Spend the summer learning a skill that they will carry with them for life! With an introduction to the full swing and short game, emphasis is on the proper set-up, grip, and posture. Open to beginners and experienced juniors.

Maximum of 6 kids per lesson, to sign up please call +1 (250) 345-6346

Pool Games


Toy time in the pools with foam slides, boat races and splash competition.

Kids Drumming Circle


Group drumming is not about how to play the drum… It’s about how you feel when you drum

This is a great activity for everyone, all instruments are provided, and no experience is necessary. Group drumming is aimed to bring people together and to have fun! Sign up here:

Play & Games

Fun and Physical Outdoor Activities for Kids · Play a Backyard Game · Take a Walk · Get Wet · Do a Scavenger Hunt · Learn about Wildlife and Flowers · Built a Fort·

Ages 5+ Sign up here

Ninjitsu Training (Day Three)

Saru Tobi 猿飛

Ninja leaping and disguise and evasion principles that allowed the ninja the ability to develop strong legs and strong lower body for fighting postures and bounding out of the way.

Pony Leads

  • Kids with or without horse experience are welcome
  • Ages 3+ wear sturdy shoes (no sandals, etc.)
  • dress weather appropriately
  • pack a bottle of water

Please arrive at time booked to sign waiver and prepare for ride Pony lead is approximately 15 minutes long