Justin Turns up the Heat!

Justin Curry, a cook in our main kitchen has successfully completed his first year apprentice program through the College of the Rockies. For the last 6 weeks he has been in Cranbrook leaning about all things food.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort and Executive Chef Greg Godfrey have mentored Justin through the College of the Rockies program providing complete provincial professional Cook training.  The Culinary Arts program covers all aspects of kitchen operations, including theory, food safety, kitchen management and methods of cookery. Plus, a large part of the program incorporates practical instruction of soups, sauces, meat, fish, vegetables, desserts, pastry, breakfast, meat cutting and many more.

As Justin works his way through the program his level of expertise in each category will improve with the ultimate goal of becoming a journeymen Chef.

The 18 week program covered in three separate six week intervals incorporates a lot of material, so the students are under pressure to work and study hard. Justin’s dedication has paid off as he passed his first year with flying colours. Greg will now put Justin’s skills to the test in the kitchen as he must practice everything he has learned in preparation for his 2nd year apprenticeship. Justin says, “working under Greg is very helpful through this process as he provides a lot of support and is a great mentor.”

All the other staff are glad to have Justin back in the kitchen so he can twirl around while preparing scrumptious food for all our guests. There is never a dull moment with Justin around.

Justin is full time in the kitchen at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, so stop by and taste some of our delicious menu’s.  


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