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Immersion Festival

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Immersion Festival

Immersion Festival

Fall 2022

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The Immersion Festival is a thrilling 37-day festival beginning this Fall 2022.

Immerse Yourself   Discovery. Rejuvenation. Indulgence.

Beer Weekend

Saturday October 22

Beer Festival @ Ski Resort


Sunday October 23

Hotel Brunch


Resort Activities

•Daily Hike
•Daily Craft
•Scavenger Hunts
•Colouring Sheets for All Ages
•Craft Bags
•Campfire Cooking Workshop
•Mini Golf Open if weather permits

As a thank you for all that you do, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort would like to invite all first responders, health care providers, and their families to the resort to relax and take some me time.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is happy to offer all first responders and health care providers a nightly room rate of $91.10 + taxes and resort fee for a Classic Queen room.

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Sample beers from a wide selection of Western Canada’s finest craft breweries. A huge favourite of the festival where you can enjoy a wide range of craft beers and ciders, chat with passionate brewers and make lots of new friends in a fun and relaxing environment.

Invite your friends for a great afternoon out before enjoying an evening at the resort.

The package includes – Festival entry; 20 tasting tickets.

Food will be available for purchase on-site.

For those not staying at the resort, there is an optional shuttle available to & from Invermere. Please see ticket descriptions.

Hotel Brunch

Pull up a seat and join us for the best brunch in the valley at Antlers Restaurant!

Brunch includes your favourite breakfast items: egg benedict, a made-to-order omelet station, Prime Rib, Seafood platters, and a sweet table of decadent desserts.

Bloody Caesar, Bloody Mary, and Mimosa Station also available!

Price $49 per person, not including tax and gratuity
10:30 am – 2:00 pm 

Reservations recommended.
Please call 1-800-663-4979

Resort Activities

Resort Guests only, sign up opens for resort activities 2 weeks prior. Sign up link is found in your pre-arrival email.

Session Information

(session durations 60 to 90 minutes)


Caroline Dalton is a Reiki Master, Sound Healer and a Certified Meditation and Kundalini Teacher. Through her own experience healing process, Caroline has developed a unique ability to guide and help transform individuals on their own healing path.



Randa Sultan is an international best-selling author, energy healer, transformational coach and breathwork teacher. Her mastery lies in creating sacred, supportive, and nurturing spaces for women to find their way back to their inner light. In these spaces she weaves together a unique experience for each woman to heal and transform on the deepest level.



We all have a spiritual team that surrounds us, offering guidance and supporting our soul’s journey Earth side. Some guides we have with us for a lifetime and others come and go as we evolve. Whether our guides are loved ones from the past, angels, animals or light, we all have a unique way of interacting with and receiving information from them. This guided journey will help you discover your team and unlock your own unique dialogue of communication while trusting and developing your own intuition.



Take time to slow down and re-tune the body with the healing vibrations of the Alchemy Crystal Bowls. This journey will take you to the depths of your being – clearing the pathway and reminding you how to deeply listen, as the gateways open to the Universe’s messages. Please bring a mat, blanket, pillow and anything else you may need for your comfort.



Using the knowledge of Kundalini Yoga, increase the awareness of self while accessing a higher state of consciousness. In this event, you will move through a kriya using breath, movement and sound to clear blocks and limiting beliefs within yourself and your surroundings. Doing so will allow you to clear a pathway and attract more of what you desire. You will learn a 40-day transformative meditation and conclude this healing session with a gong meditation to further integrate the practice.  Leave with a deeper understanding of self and the clearing process.



Are you operating on the AM stations and trying to establish a clear connection? Our planet resonates at a specific frequency that is changing and we need to catch up. When you are in alignment with our planet’s frequency, it has profound effects on the human psyche and physiology. As our Earth goes through its next level of change, so do we. Through breath, meditation and sound you will explore how to raise your own frequency to enhance abundance, health and consciousness.



Learn about the 7 main chakras (energy centres) in the body and their connection to your emotional and physical state of being. You will be guided in the ways in which you can identify when each of these is in and out of balance, and how to achieve a healthier balance overall. Deeper your understanding of the chakras through an experiential guided meditation and visualization for chakra clearing and balancing. Expect to achieve a sense of calmness, alignment and a deeper connection to yourself through this experience. You will be seated and laying down for this experience. Please bring with you a water bottle, a journal and pen to take notes, something comfortable to sit and lay on, along with comfort items (blanket/eye mask).



Connect to your Soul Essence:

Are you ready to empower yourself through the power of your breath? Breathwork is a magical pathway to unlock your full potential in all areas of your life. How you breathe shapes how you feel, your mindset, your energy levels and how your physical body functions. During this deep breathwork journey, you will be guided in a consciously altered breath pattern to access and release deep emotions, find clarity of mind and shift your body on a cellular level. You will be held in a safe, supportive and nurturing container. Allow yourself to be led on this journey – for on the other side lies the awareness and clarity of your true potential, connection to your soul essence, your light and the magic of you!

To Bring: Please bring with you something to lay on (mat) and something to drape over you (a blanket), along with any other comfort items (bolster for under the knees, eye mask). Also, have on hand a water bottle and a journal/pen for reflection afterwards as well. Please do not have any large meals for at least 2 hours prior to the journey, a light snack up to 90 minutes prior is ok.

Disclaimer: **This experience is not suitable for those who are pregnant or those who have Heart Conditions, COPD 1 & 2, Epilepsy, PTSD, Psychosis, recent TBI or concussion. ** If any of these apply, please contact me and we can discuss if modifications or alternate breath work styles would be best.

Saturday Nov 5, 2022

Session 1


Kundalini Yoga



Session 2


Meet Your Guides, Intuition Development

11:30 – 13:00


Session 3


Healing Journey

14:30 – 16:00


Session 4



16:30 – 18:00


Sunday Nov 6, 2022

Session 5


Living Your Frequency


Session 6


Chakra Balancing – Energy Healing/Balancinig


Jason Carter / Visual Artist


Jason Carter is an Indigenous sculptor, painter, illustrator and public artist from the Little Red River Cree Nation. He grew up in Edmonton and is a graduate of both NAIT and MacEwan University (where he was awarded a Distinguished Alumni in 2017) and was the only Alberta artist to have his own solo show at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

He has major permanent installations in both the Calgary & Edmonton International Airports, and both sculpture and canvas artwork in many public places (NAC, AFA, YWCA Calgary, Travel Alberta, Wood Buffalo Region, Stantec, Banff Caribou Properties, Canada Goose), and private collections globally.

Jason has illustrated 5 children’s books and created & installed The World of Boo for the Art Gallery of Alberta in 2015. He created permanent murals for the Amiskwaskahegan (Beaver Hills Park) in Edmonton and was one of three artists part of the LRT/SOUTH Extension beautification
project. In February 2019, he was featured on Property Brothers on HGTV. Many schools in and around Alberta and Canada are currently studying Jason Carter and his body of work and he could not be more humbled by this.

In 2019, Jason was commissioned by the Museum of Aboriginal Peoples’ Art and Artifacts of Canada to create a 2 x 79” x 29” & 58” x 29” painting permanently installed in the museum’s entrance, as well that same year, he installed ‘Dancing Bears’ into the new YW Calgary Hub Family Facility in Calgary.

In 2020, Jason was the lead sculpture artist for ‘In Search of Christmas Spirit’; an immersive sculpture exhibit where he created 12’ – 18’(H) sculptures of bears, wolves and bison that were lit from within like a lantern, an initiative he worked alongside Banff Lake Louise Tourism and Parks Canada on. Most recently, in March of 2021, another large scale in Edmonton, an immersive exhibit with over 8 10’ (H) lantern-like rabbit sculptures called wâpos at Amiskwaskahegan Park – an exhibit intended to bring hope, humour and spirit to those who walked through the park.

Jason Carter is currently represented by The Bearclaw Gallery in Edmonton and The Town Square Gallery in Oakville Ontario. In 2012 he opened his own gallery – The Carter-Ryan Gallery – with Bridget Ryan in Canmore, and in 2017 he opened another Carter-Ryan Gallery in Banff, Alberta.

Jason is a member of the Little Red River Cree Nation and he paints and/or carves seven days a week.

Bridget Ryan / Creative Director & Producer


Bridget Ryan is an actor, singer, playwright, director, and television host in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She graduated from MacEwan Theatre Arts program (and in 2008 was awarded Distinguished Alumni) and then went on to graduate from University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music with a BFA in Musical Theatre. Upon completion, she moved to New York City, performing at several OffBroadway theatres such as at The Cherry Lane Theatre and The Present Company. She has performed in several national tours before getting off the stage to work alongside some of Broadway’s most influential producers Richard Frankel, Darryl Roth and Scott Rudin.

Bridget has performed at theatres all over Canada and written four full length musicals including The Winters Tale Project and Wedlocked: The Musical (both with Chris Wynters) and the plays Myles, The HypoAllergenic Superhero and His Superhero Friends, Counting Americans and SuperWoman to name a few and has been published by the Playwrights Guild of Canada. She returned to Edmonton in 2001, where she became Co-Host of CityTV’s Breakfast Television thru May 2015, when it rebranded as ‘Dinner Television’. In 2010, she was named Woman of the Year by the CCA’s in Edmonton. Bridget has proudly MC’d and hosted hundreds of events in Edmonton (and surrounding areas) over the past 13 years and is proud to be a part of such an amazing community. Bridget has written four children’s book to date: WHO IS BOO: 1, 2 AND 3 (illustrated by Jason Carter) as well as Urban Animals.

In winter of 2012, Bridget and visual artist Jason Carter opened The Carter-Ryan Gallery and Live Art Venue in Canmore Alberta on Main Street, a place where art and live performance exist happily under the same roof. Jason Carter and Bridget Ryan started Rabbit In The Yard
Productions, a multi-media production company that produces short films and music video’s and most recently, she created and produced the Fairmont Banff Spring’s The Art Of Waiting campaign May 2020.

In the summer of 2017, Carter-Ryan Productions came to full fruition where she wrote, directed and produced Canada The Musical, ROCK STARS and The Adventures of the Curious Bear In The Red Canoe in Banff and Canmore and Banff Alberta. Since then, thousands of locals and tourists
from around the world have taken in Canada The Musical and ROCK STARS each summer in both Canmore (at the Carter-Ryan Live Theatre Venue) and Banff. Also in 2017, Bridget adapted and directed a five person version of Christmas Carol which plays every year at Fairmont Banff Springs Theatre.

Bridget created and directed ‘The Art of Waiting’ Campaign for the Fairmont Properties during lockdown in May 2020. In December 2020 & 2021, Bridget was Creative Director (story, sound, and sculpture build) for Banff Lake Louise Tourism for their Banff Christmas Trail, ‘In Search Of
Christmas Spirit’.



Jason Carter will talk about the world of sculpting and all it’s various forms. This is a 2-part workshop which will explore the Additive – each person will have their own block of clay and the focus will be on additive sculptures (where you ADD form to create the piece).
Included: Clay block, carving tool(s), apron, mask, gloves


Bridget Ryan’s Oh What A Beautiful Morning! Guests are encouraged to sit back, relax and laugh as Bridget Ryan performs her award-winning Cabaret that played to sold out houses through out much of Canada. Described as ‘hilarious’ and ‘brilliant’, Bridget’s 2 Act performance will surely have guests rolling in the aisles but also ensure that they are leaving with a renewed sense of hope and optimism. Sing-a-long’s, spontaneous dance and live interviews with the audience will make this an absolutely unforgettable time.

DESCRIPTION: Bridget Ryan returns to her cabaret roots to explore over 15 wacky, unpredictable and extremely hilarious years working as the ‘Remote Host’ on morning television in the largest most northerly remote city in North America. Known for her unusual method of storytelling through rockin’ song and story, Bridget will take you on a tour de force behind-the-scenes look at our obsession with TV, social media and introduce you to dozens of characters she’s met over the years. Don’t miss this incredible fusion of story-telling through music and multimedia with
an Alberta Favourite!



A continuation of the workshop on Additive Sculptures (completion / presentation day). Jason Carter will guide students as they continue to work on their own block of clay. Now that you’ve created a piece – what does it mean, what do you call it. Students will finish and present their
final piece to each other in the group. Part 2 of 2.
Included: Clay block, carving tool(s), apron, mask, gloves

2:00 PM – 4:30 PM IMPROV 1.0

No experience necessary! Bridget Ryan will lead this interactive workshop and introduce participants to the beginning concepts of improv. Improv is not only FUN but it provides tools for better grounding in life and can help reduce stress – simply by laughing so much. The power of YES is a powerful tool. The workshop will lead participants though a series of exercises, introduce the basics and then let the games BEGIN!



Known for his sculptures in stone, Jason brings to the table the art of Subtractive carving – where stone is TAKEN AWAY to revel the subject(s). Each student will be given a set of carving tools, sandpaper (grit level 200,400, 800) and tongue oil – but most importantly – they will each choose a piece of soapstone. Each piece completely different, students will have to see what is inside the stone waiting to be brought out. Jason will lead the students on a two-part session on the beginnings of soapstone carving. Part 1 of 2.
Included: Soapstone, carving tool(s), sandpaper, tongue oil, apron, mask, gloves


Whether you want to write the next big children’s book, a passion filled romance novel or the next great screenplay – everything starts with storyboarding. Discover the skills to break down the story you see in your head (or your heart) and with confidence, put it down on paper. Watch
your story come to life – using not words to start, but images. No experience needed, everyone
will finish the session with a fully realized beginning, middle and end!



This is Part 2 of Subtractive carving – where stone is TAKEN AWAY to revel the subject(s). Each person will continue to work on their own sculpture and Jason will introduce what happens when completed – the oiling process. This is completion / presentation day. Now that you’ve created a piece – what does it mean, what do you call it. Students will finish and present each piece to each other in the group.
Included: Soapstone, carving tool(s), sandpaper, tongue oil, apron, mask, gloves

2:00 PM – 4:30 PM IMPROV 2.0

A Hilarious and engaging sesion that involves the entire group taking park breaking down the principles of PLAY! Bridget will lead a series of hilarious games and exercises intended to break down walls; to discover what happens when we say ‘YES’! Now that the group has had a big boost of confidence, gained mad skills and have had an absolute BLAST, we will split the group in two and let the official closing games begin! You’ll start to see a new side of other people AND yourself!


Take in the breathtaking views of the Columbia Valley while you enjoy an evening of exquisite wines and seasonal cuisine alongside Fairmont Hot Springs Resorts Director of Food & Beverage and Certified Sommelier, Bruce Stephen. The evening will take place in an intimate setting at our ski lodge beginning with canapes followed by five decadent courses paired and presented by Bruce and our international culinary team.

Read Bruce Stephen Bio

Certified Sommelier

Bruce is a hospitality professional and oenophile who has traveled extensively to many wine regions around the world. He developed his love and knowledge of food and wine working with luxury hotels and resorts in Canada, the U.S. and the Far East. He has worked as a wine journalist for local and national publications like Wine Access Magazine, Vancouver Life Styles and British Columbia’s Taste Magazine. Bruce has judged numerous wine competitions at Vancouver’s International Wine Festival, Whistler’s Cornucopia and the Canadian Wine Awards. He has appeared on several television and radio programs discussing wine and was featured in Via Rails Destinations Magazine as one of Canada’s top Sommeliers.

Bruce Stephen

This Event has Sold Out


An afternoon of sampling your favourite tipples, surrounded by the majestic mountain scenery of Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. 

Whether you are a wine aficionado, an ardent fan of craft beers, a lover of fine spirits, or simply someone who enjoys trying any or all of the above, this Immersion Festival event will have something for you.

Enjoy a range of great wines, craft beers and fine spirits, as you chat with passionate vintners and brewers and make lots of new friends in a fun and relaxing environment. Find new favourites and learn about how the drinks are produced, and why each taste is unique.

Invite your friends for a great afternoon out before enjoying an evening at the resort.

The price includes Festival entry; 20 tasting tickets.

**There is no meal included with this event – food can be purchased on-site**

The package includes – Festival entry; 20 tasting tickets.

Food will be available for purchase on-site.

For those not staying at the resort, an optional shuttle to & from Invermere is available. Please see the ticket description.

Grey Cup

Gather your friends, it’s the biggest game of the year! Celebrate the 109th Grey Cup with us. We’ve got the Bear’s Paw Restaurant set up just for you and your friends, including food specials and drink specials.

Holiday Lights and Winter Nights

The lights are twinkling, the air is crisp and snow is crunching under your boots. Can you feel that? It’s the spirit of the season! Immerse yourself in the outdoor light displays and winter activities for all ages during this festive time.

Evening activities include:

  • Photos with Santa
  • Scavenger hunt with prizes
  • Cookie and Christmas
  • Ornament Decorating
  • Evening Bonfire & Smores
  • Complimentary Hot Chocolate

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