Google Street View comes to the Ski Area and GUESS THE RUN Contest!

I remember getting my first e-mail address at the age of 10. I’d tell you what it was, but I’d like to save myself from the embarrassment. I’m both amazed and frightened about how quickly technology changes these days. A new version of a phone is out before I even know how to use the one I have. On the other hand, the tools we have today allow us to connect with loved ones around the world which makes my phone phobia worthwhile. Technology also makes it easier to let people know all the exciting things Fairmont Hot Springs Resort has to offer!

The Google Street View technology was introduced in 2007 and has changed the way people get around. In the last couple years, Google has introduced the Street View Snowmobile for showcasing Ski Parks and other snowy areas around the world. Cool, right? Well the Google Street View team paid a visit to the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Ski area so you can now virtually shred down one of our 14 runs. Take a look at the Google Snowmobile when it came to our Ski Area!


google snow mobile


Now it’s your turn. It’s easy, I promise!

In your Google search bar, type in our resort “Fairmont Hot Springs Resort” Click, and choose “Maps”

You’ll then get a map of Fairmont Hot Springs and our Ski Area (you may have to scroll over to the right a little bit to find the runs).

To get the on the hill and begin your shredding session, click on the “human” figure on the left side of the map and draaaaaaag him across to the runs which will then highlight in blue.

Once you choose which run you want to check out, drop the human icon onto it.

You’ll then be brought to Run Level , or Street View, of the run you’ve chosen. Below is the Easy Rider Run. Once here, you can use the arrows to move up, down and all around the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Ski Area.

easy rider


Now that you can ski your way down the runs via your computer, we are going to be introducing a contest every Friday for the rest of the Ski Season. Through Facebook  we will be posting a “Hill View” photo of an unnamed run and it’s YOUR job to guess which run it is! The first person to guess correctly will win a free lift ticket to the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Ski Area. A new photo will be posted every Friday and you will have until the following Friday to GUESS THE RUN! Make sure you are following us on Facebook so you are kept up to date and also so we can contact you if you’ve won. We will be starting the contest on FRIDAY, March 1, 2013… TODAY!

Are you ready? Check back on Facebook later today for the first photo in GUESS THE RUN!

Happy Googling,


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