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Latest update: May 28, 2020


Golf COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

As our staff and management prepared for the 2020 season, we have watched carefully the progress of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We have monitored closely the recommendations and precautionary measures of Health Canada, the BC Centre for Disease Control and our provincial health officer.

While we acknowledge that the absolute best practice is to stay home, given the nature of the sport of golf amidst wide open spaces, and with rigid protocols in place, the game can continue to be played, keeping both golfers and employees safe from the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

We appreciate the need of our local community and our members for safe recreation opportunities that support physical and mental well-being during these challenging times, while maintaining an appropriate amount of social distancing.

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is committed to the ongoing safety of our community, our golfers and our team members. As a result, a number of precautionary measures have been put in place to ensure that everyone will stay safe in and around our golf courses that are open. Safety will rely on the full cooperation of golfers and our team members from the time we arrive at the facility until the time we leave.

Policies and Procedures

  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms, or have traveled in the past 14 days, please stay at home and self-isolate.
  • Please practice social distancing of at least 2 meters from all guests and staff members.
  • Players are asked to make all reservations online or by telephone. We are unable to accept walk-on tee times.
  • We are unable to accept any cash payments. Debit Card or Credit Card will be the only form of payment accepted.
  • Players are asked to arrive only 20 minutes prior to tee times and practice at the driving range for no longer than 10 minutes.
  • Please proceed to the window at the golf course side of the club house for check-in and cash-less payment.
  • The interval for tee times is increased to 16 minutes.
  • Every-other driving range bay is closed to increase social distancing.
  • Range balls are placed on the driving range bays itself to prevent further contact with the dispenser.
  • Flagsticks will remain in the cup and guests are advised not to handle them during their round.
  • Players are requested to leave the pin in the cup at all times. Cup is raised above the putting surface to reduce surface contamination.
  • Bunker rakes will be removed and guests are requested to use their feet to spread out any deep foot prints that they may have made.
  • On-course washrooms will be closed and only the washrooms in the main Club House are open.
  • Please walk along the marked-off area only in the pro shop and club house and do not touch any retail items. Please request essential items such as golf balls or golf gloves for purchase from our associates and they will be pleased to handle those for you.
  • A maximum of 4 people are allowed inside the pro shop at any time.
  • There are no rentals available at this time.
  • Golfers are asked to refrain from handshakes or any other physical contact as part of post-game etiquette.
  • All scorecards, pencil, tee holders from starter areas and bag stands, ball washers, and on-course water coolers have been removed.
  • Only one player at a time is allowed on the putting green.
  • Only people living in the same household are allowed to ride together on the golf cart.
  • Golf Carts and push carts will be sanitized after each use and wiped down prior to handing to the guest.
  • Dapper’s Landing and Mountainside Grille are temporarily closed.
  • Riverside’s Caddy Shack services are available with Debit Card or Credit Card payments only.
  • Mountainside: The Snack Shack Food & Beverage services are available with Debit Card or Credit Card payments only.

We acknowledge that every golfer will make their own decision as to whether it is in their best interest to golf during these times or not. However, should you choose to join us, we will welcome you and require your full cooperation with regards to the measures that have been implemented for everyone’s safety.

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