Going green is good

Eco-friendly. Green. Sustainable. All seem to be the buzz words of the millennium. To many consumers, anything typically associated with green usually means greater expense. However, as the trend gains momentum, and with the development of new business models and technologies, the mainstreaming of high performance materials is allowing the healthy energy-efficient home to be within reach of all homeowners.

Whether your desire is to save on your monthly energy bill, or to go ‚Äòoff the grid’, the options to reduce long-term costs and improve performance are out there. Thankfully, many energy providers and provincial governments are jumping on the band wagon, providing impressive incentives and recycling programs.

Looking to renovate your current home or in the market for a new home? Your provincial government provides great incentives, from tax breaks to rebates, for making energy-efficient and high performance improvements to your home. There are even Green Lending Programs available in Canada that encourage homeowners to make these improvements, and those who buy or build energy-efficient homes, by offering financing for the improvements as part of the mortgage and offering home insurance discounts.

Every little bit helps, and as the collective consciousness of our environmental impact increases, the affordable green will become not just a catch-phrase, but the norm. The consequences of going green are rewarding – we can save the environment and improve our quality of life.

For more information, visit www.nrcan.gc.ca.

  • Jill Sorell, Development Co-ordinator
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