Fairmont Hot Springs is Flowering

One talented lady is responsible for all things beautiful throughout the resort over the summer months. Our resort’s Horticultural Technician, Jessica Pemberton has been spending her time at the Greenhouse on Riverside Golf Course caring for each and every tiny seed that will soon become bright and colourful flowers, covering every inch of the Golf Courses and Lodge property.

Jessica comes to Fairmont Hot Springs from Victoria where she learnt all things green from the Vancouver Island University. Already in her nearly one year working for the Resort she has organized the greenhouses, made improvements to the structure and growing facilities and has an array of beautiful plants and flowers budding. Jessica takes pride in completing all the necessary research to ensure that her choices of plants and flowers are compatible with the region she is growing them, especially since our environment is very different from Vancouver Island. She also takes the time to plan each and every flower bed and their design layout. 

From as early as February, depending on the plant, Jessica has begun the initial planting process in order to have them ready in time for the summer season. As the plants grow she must carefully transplant them to allow space for their expanding roots. Soon enough, the plants are ready for their end destination, which Jessica has the helping hands of Cheryl and Erin on the planned planting date of June 1. Once all the plants and flowers are in the ground the team has an ongoing care process throughout the summer months to ensure the flowers keep growing and stay healthy.

At Fairmont Hot Springs Resort we are constantly striving in every way possible to stay green and reduce our carbon footprint. Jessica has adhered to our green efforts by ensuring that all chemicals and fertilizers used are organic.

Jessica is very passionate about her role and feels very lucky to come to work each day in a job that she loves. As our guests enjoy the beauty of our grounds she likes to interact with them and explain the different varieties of plants and their unique characteristics. Jessica is more than happy to give you a tour of the greenhouse, so stop by and have a look.  

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