Everyone is Safe in Fairmont Hot Springs!


Everyone at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort and in the town of Fairmont Hot Springs is safe and well after a debris flow in the late afternoon, July 15th, 2012. The torrent of water from high in the mountains carried large rocks and trees with it and destroyed much in its path. The debris flow cut access to the RV Park, badly damaged the pedestrian bridge to the RV Park, buried the source of the hot springs, deposited rock, mud and timber on parts of the Mountainside Golf Course and left a mess on the canyon floor.

The following is a result of the debris flow from the Fairmont Creek:


  • Geotechnical experts have flown the site and the creek’s catchment and indicated that there is no risk of further debris flow, landslides, etc.
  • All guests at the RV Park are safe and well. The RV Park is isolated from the rest of the resort, but re-construction to establish access is currently underway.
  •  All guests in the lodge are safe and well.
  • The lodge water supply was cut for a short period of time, but has now been restored. Water conservation is urged in the lodge.
  • The Hot Springs are closed today as work is done to clear the source. The pools complex was not damaged.
  • Mountainside Golf Course is closed and all tee-time bookings have been transferred to Riverside Golf Course, which has not been affected. Mountainside will be closed until July 22, 2012 as we assess the damage. We will know more about the situation at Mountainside soon.


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