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Thank you for your interest in Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. We are committed to supporting charities within our community that align with our program focus areas of Community Development & Support. Due to the large number of donation and sponsorship requests we receive, any requests must meet certain criteria in order to be considered:

  • Please allow at least 8 weeks between the date of your request and the date of your event.
  • FHSR only considers requests from registered charity organizations in British Columbia.
  • FHSR does not give donations to or will not sponsor any: Groups raising money to donate to another charitable organization, political or religious organizations, endowments, debt reduction campaigns, private schools, competitive sports teams, advocacy or special interest groups, service clubs, professional solicitors, memberships, ticket purchase for fundraising activities, field trips and tours or any organization that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, gender, age or physical challenge.
  • FHSR supports one program per organization per year.
  • FHSR must be acknowledged through signage and program mention and all material must be approved by FHSR prior to the event.
  • FHSR does not make cash donations.
  • All requests must be submitted via form.

Due to the high volume of donation requests that we receive, only those organisations whose request has been approved will be contacted. Please do not phone us for donation requests. We wish you much success with your fundraising endeavours.


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