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Customer Appreciation Night is here!

Customer Appreciation Night!

On July 25th we want to celebrate you! Join us at Mountainside Grille for a night of delicious food, live music and great company!

Tickets are $25 per person and include a massive buffet dinner and a front row seat to one of the valley’s own, Valley Forged!

See you next Friday, July 25 at Mountainside Grille. Doors open at 6pm! Tickets can be purchased by calling 250.345.6514 or dropping by Mountainside or Riverside Golf Courses!

Valley Forged Biography
Valley Forged is

Papa Greg:
Papa Greg, after enjoying a successful trucking career in beautiful SASK when he realized something seemed to be lacking. He decided the mountains we’re calling for him and made the decision to head west. After reaching the Columbia valley, he realized that this is where he belonged!! After finding the perfect combination of musicians, they set up shop in an old art studio and began!!

Big John:
Not too much is known about the history of this drummer, although some say he was a long-haired rocker from “back in the day”. Realizing he wasn’t getting any younger, and feeling he needed something more in his life related to music, other than running the various Karaoke gigs around the Columbia valley, he decided to learn to play the drums. Although rusty from years of not playing, he started to get it back! Thankfully, just about the same time he was going through this very inspirational and spiritual transformation, he met a couple guys looking to get a band together! After some failed attempts with a few odd, random people from around the valley, they finally found the magic combination of musicians, friends and found a place to be creative!! Although not playing the heavy metal that he was so fond of “back in the day”, he was thinking of shifting his musical talents in a different direction anyways. He was happy about this new adventure with Country rock. This is where Little Jon comes in…

Little Jon:
Little Jon joined the picture right about the perfect time. Although we know absolutely nothing about him, other than the fact that he seems to be some sort of esoteric being for some other dimension that has somehow been able to take the form of a human guitar God, we believe he is an extremely important asset.

Big G :
Big G is the Bass player. He was the last to join the band and has been a HUGE asset for us. He works hard during the day and still finds time to practice 3 nights a week.

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