Brand NEW Pedestrian Bridge

We are lucky to be able to live and work in a place surrounded by mountains and fantastic views. We are even luckier to be able to share such a beautiful place with our guests who come from all over the world.

Since the Debris Flow of July 2012 our incredible crew of staff have been restoring, beautifying and making improvements to ensure your experience at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is better than ever. One of the central projects has been the brand new Pedestrian Bridge over the creek that allows even more accessibility from the RV Park to the rest of the resort and the ever popular hot springs. Currently, access from the RV Park to the resort, hot springs, shops and restaurants is still easy and functional from the main RV Park road. The bridge is going to be a feature not only for our resort, but for the Columbia Valley and it’s many visitors each year. It is a free-standing, 200ft bridge that will span the creek bed. Because it is a free-standing structure and also because of the sheer size of the bridge, there has been a lot of preparation for the bridge’s arrival. Our goal is to make the safest structure possible without disrupting the flow and beauty of the creek – it’s had enough for the year!

The area for installation is currently being prepped for the arrival of this incredible structure, so stay tuned as it is going to be a sight to see when it is ready!

Pedestrian Bridge 001

(Above) The view from the resort side of the creek looking at the RV Park. This is where the bridge will span across the creek to the other side, making it easy for RV guests to explore the rest of the resort!

Pedestrian Bridge 011

(Above) The view from the RV Park looking across to the resort side. The Bridge will be on an angle spanning the creek.

Pedestrian Bridge 007

(Above) The beautiful creek that guests will be able to view from the HUGE bridge – you can fit 10 people across the width of the bridge!


RV Park guests enjoying the sunshine on this beautiful day!

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