Bear Aware

It’s the Fall, which means that wildlife are abundant in our area getting ready for the cold months by filling their bellies as much as possible before hibernation or heading down South. One of the biggest attractions of the Canadian Rockies is the wildlife, especially large mammals such as elk, moose, bighorn sheep, and bears, which are widespread and easily viewed in our area. All these animals are wild, so precautions need to be taken to not disrupt their environment and to not interfere with their activity.

BC is bear country. We can expect to see bears around, and sometimes moving through our communities. However, it is best to prevent bears from feeding on human food and lingering in our communities.

Here are 10 things you should know about bears:

Garbage and Compost

  • 1.    Keep garbage in the house, garage or shed until pick-up day.
  • 2.    Don’t add meat products or cooked food to compost, turn it regularly and keep it covered.

Fruit Trees

  • 3.       Pick ripe and fallen fruit daily.
  • 4.       Remove unused fruit trees.

Bird Food

  • 5.       Use birdfeeders only in winter.
  • 6.       Keep ground free of seeds.


  • 7.       Clean BBQ grill after each use.
  • 8.       Store covered in a secure area.

Pet Food

  • 9.       Bring pet dishes inside and clean up any spillage.
  • 10.    Store pet food indoors.

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