Back on the Sticks!

It’s time to ski and ride again… Santa stopped visiting me many years ago, so these days seeing the chairlift turning is almost like spotting an overstuffed stocking on Christmas morning. Yahoo, this is now my best day of the year!

The opening day ritual starts the night before… Where are my gloves? Did I fix the broken strap on my poles? Pick up skis from the shop after a much needed tune. Then, a couple of questions. Is all this preparation really worth it? Is it time to forget chilly chairlift rides and just watch ski racing on TV instead?

Pulling in to the parking lot, one immediately knows that the couch with TV is not the place to be. The mountains look spectacular. The air is bracing. Even exhaust from a passing snowmobile smells pleasant and very familiar. With season pass in pocket, it’s time to click in and go.

Everything seems like second nature until you reach the top of the chairlift. Suddenly, the questions are back. Why does that mellow blue run look like a black? Can I still make these things turn? Is anybody on the chair critiquing my rather poor form?

My first turns are indeed a little awkward but soon I’m on rails…This is what it’s all about! Who said those ski racers on TV are the best anyway?

The season is here and it really is time to cheer!

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