Are Greenhouses Really Green?


The Little Badgers, an early learning centre in Windermere visited Fairmont Hot Springs Resort to plant flowers in their creative pots they decorated. Before heading into the Greenhouse at Riverside Golf Course they delighted us with a song they learnt all about the growing process. Jessica Pemberton, our Resorts Horticulturalist guided the children into the Greenhouse, a place many of them had never been before. At first sight, they thought they were at the wrong place as the Greenhouse was not literally a green house as most of them expected. Perhaps next year we need to paint some of the exterior green just for them!

At Fairmont Hot Springs Resort we grow all our own plants and flowers that decorate the grounds of the Lodge as well as the three Golf Courses. The children were very interested in all the varieties and posed every possible question to Jessica, which she answered extremely smoothly. At the end of the tour was the grand finale where the children planted their very own flowers, which they plan to give to their mothers.

We hope to see the Little Badgers back to our Greenhouse one day!

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