An Introduction to Amazing Race Canada contestants Kristen & Darren

Kristen and Darren

It was when Kristen lived in Mongolia that she first thought about trying out for the Amazing Race. Originally, she wanted to give it a shot with a friend. A year or so later, Kristen found out about Amazing Race Canada and had to apply. Her boyfriend, Darren, had no choice and was going to be her partner in crime – the crime of adventure, that is. Kristen and Darren filmed their audition video and spread the word about their application to the first ever Amazing Race Canada. All they could do after that was wait.

It was in March of 2013 that Kristen and Darren found out they were going to be on the show. Kristen was back home in Fairmont Hot Springs, working as a Yoga & Aqua Fit instructor (among other amazing things) for Fairmont Hot Springs Resort and Darren was off in New Mexico learning how to make self-sufficient eco homes. Kristen says one of the hardest parts of the whole show was keeping their new adventure a secret for the next few months. “We panicked at first, of course, and then it was extreme excitement, and then we had to keep our mouths shut. We couldn’t tell anyone, at all” Kristen says. ” We’ve known for a long time and the press release was just a couple weeks ago. So to keep your mouth shut the whole time, do it, come back and still not say anything? That in itself is a massive challenge.”

Now that everyone is in on the secret and we are just days away from the first show of Amazing Race Canada (airs July 15th), the excitement around and support for Darren and Kristen around Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is energizing. Read on to find out what Kristen and Darren love to do in Fairmont Hot Springs Resort and what people will be most surprised to find out about them.

Ali (Interviewer): What brought you to Fairmont Hot Springs, BC?

Kristen: The mountains, friends, and the opportunity to teach kayaking seemed like the perfect place to spend a summer.

Darren: My Grandparents have a house here so I’ve been coming here for my entire life. When I realized a could live and work here and get into all adventure sports, yeah, this a perfect place.

A: What will people be most surprised to find out about you from the show?

D: That we fight.

K: A lot. It’s a stressful situation and we battled more often when we were bored than stressed, but it’s a more stressful situation than we thought it would be. We aren’t as gentle as we seem.

A: What’s your favourite thing to do in Fairmont Hot Springs?

D: Exploring the back country. For sure.

K: Mine’s the same. Just hanging out outside, looking at plants, playing the mountains. Just anything we can do outside, playing in the water.

A: What are the top three things you recommend visitors do while they’re here?

D: Get off the beaten track. There aren’t as many bears as people think there are.

K: Go for a hike!

D: And not just the HooDoos hike. It’s beautiful, but there’s so many more. Brewer Basin or Lake of the Hanging Glacier. There’s so many, get a back roads map and go off the beaten track!

A: What else?

K: Get out on the water! White water rafting is great, kayaking is fun for people who’ve never kayaked before and it’s an awesome opportunity to learn and get comfortable on the moving water.

A: And it’s not scary, right?!

K: It’s not. It’s intimidating, but it’s fun because it is intimidating and people walk away feeling liberated because they’ve faced something that is a bit scary. It’s just delving into the unknown. What else – the Hot Springs! Whether it’s the pool or the Indian Baths, there’s no better feeling than relaxing in the Hot Springs, and of course doing Yoga on the platform overlooking the valley.

A: Are you nervous to see yourselves on TV?

D: Nope!

K: I’m interested to see how we are portrayed. Watching it with our friends will make it easier to laugh at the points we are embarrassed about. It’ll be strange to see ourselves, for sure.

Watch Kristen and Darren’s audtion video:

If you’re visiting Fairmont Hot Springs, be sure to catch a Yoga or Aqua Fit class with Kristen. She’ll be happy to take you kayaking or explore the beautiful trails with you. Darren is your guy for rafting and all things eco-tourism.

Look out for Kristen and Darren on Amazing Race Canada on CTV Mondays at 9/8C. Check out all things Amazing Race Canada here. There are 10 episodes, so be sure to catch them all! If you’d like to say hi to Kristen and Darren, come to Bear’s Paw Bar & Grill at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort July 15th at 7:00pm for the premiere episode!

Come back to the blog for episode recaps and commentary from Kristen and Darren every Tuesday.


Connect with Kristen and Darren on Twitter @KristenDarrenBC. Connect with the show at @AmazingRaceCDA and #RaceCDA. Why not add Fairmont Hot Springs Resort while you’re at it @FHSResort.

Let’s cheer them on! Good luck, guys!

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