Amazing Race Canada – Episode 3 Re-cap

Amazing Race Canada Episode 3 Re-Cap

Episode 3 began at the checkpoint of Episode 2. Teams were to get to an Internet Cafe on Robson street to book their flights to Calgary. Most teams were able to get on the 7:00am flight, including the sisters who were able to sneak on at the last minute even though they originally booked the 8:00am flight. Kristen and Darren decided to give the sisters their 2nd Express Pass instead of the Doctors – a decision that did not come lightly, as you’ll read below.

 Each team received their own truck to motor (pun intended) around the city in. The first challenge brought the team to a country bar where their line dancing skills were put to the test. Were all privy to Joanne’s fit legs in those daisy dukes – all those years of Body Break have sure paid off! After a few other teams arrived it was clear this challenge was NOT as easy as it looked. Most teams had 5-6 attempts before they were given the go ahead.

KandD ep 3

The next challenge brought the teams to Drumheller, Alberta where they either had to shovel coal or put together a model of a dinosaur skeleton. Take a guess as to who was the only team to choose the skeleton? The Doctors, who struggled quite a bit throughout this leg of the race and went from team #1 at the beginning to 2nd last.

Hal and Joanne came in first and won tickets to anywhere Air Canada flies in the USA. Kristen and Darren seemed to have no trouble and came in 2nd. The last two teams, the Doctors and the Tims were both convinced they were last. The Tims technically came in last place but were just as surprised as everyone when it was announced this was a Non-Elimination round.

Next week’s episode brings the teams up North! Let’s hear from Kristen on what she has to say about this week’s episode:


Ali (Interviewer):  Was the decision to give the sisters the express pass and go back on your word a tough one? 

Kristen: It was an incredibly hard decision that kept us awake many nights! We hated the idea of going back on our word so much, we really didn’t want to have to do that but at the same time it seemed ridiculous to give the pass to one of our main threats. Truthfully, we would have happily not had the passes at all, it puts you in a very dangerous position with other teams and regardless of the choice you make someone is going to be angry. We also really wanted to play the game and challenge ourselves, not skip ahead with a free pass. However they were ours and we had to live with that. Looking back we certainly would have made a very different decision. One that likely would have surprised everyone and one we would have been most comfortable with. If only we could have been thinking more clearly in all the madness! Lol

A: That cowboy hat looks good in Darren! He’s originally from Calgary? How do you guys decide who is going to do what challenge?

K:  Darren grew up south of Calgary in Bassano and then moved up north to Whitecourt, AB and his parents live just outside Calgary, so it is a familiar place. Our original plan for the challenges was to just go one for one, which was great in this case because Darren grew up in line dancing territory and I certainly did not. He was the right guy for the job and happened to look awesome in the western get up! 

A: Have you ever seen Darren line dance? How long did you guys spend there? 

K: I’ve seen Darren dance but never line dance, although I think there is a little grapevine in most of his dance moves. 😉 From what I remember I believe that we were there for an hour and a half to two hours.  It’s tough to recall exactly. It was a fun two hours for those not dancing getting to spend some time with other teams. 

A:  It’s often the little things that can set a team back. How do you keep your calm when completing challenges?

K: We have a lot of fun with all of the challenges, we encourage and support each others’ efforts, trust in each others’ capabilities and enjoy working hard to achieve a common goal together. 


A: Did you guys know about the non elimination rounds? 

K: We had no clue! Those guys lucked out big time!


A: What was the best and worst part of this leg of the race? 

K: Worst part was going back on our word with the express pass. That just sucked big time! Best part is a tough call, Darren was so impressive with his focus on learning the dance and pulling off the dance quickly while looking stylish as a dreaded cowboy in purple bell bottoms. Coal shoveling was also a blast (pardon the pun :), we love feeling our muscles work and finding out what they are capable of!  

Can I also add one more thing?  I straight up say I wanted to punch Brett, and I did Feel frustrated with him (while really who cares right?!?? A later thought 🙂 That is how I was expressing my frustration; they are simply words but would never become a physical action. We don’t endorse violence ever! I do believe in order to be a genuine person it is important to share our feelings good or bad, others don’t have to like them or agree with them but our feelings are our own and people have to accept that as our own truths. We all have different ways of expressing ourselves! Hope that clarifies that situation for everyone.  

Thanks, Kristen!

KandD Jonandhorse

Watch the entire episode here:

All photos are from CTV Amazing Race Canada:

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