Amazing Race Canada – Episode 2 Re-cap

Episode 2 of Amazing Race Canada took the remaining teams to Vancouver where they toured the beautiful city by speed skating at the Richmond Olympic Oval, exploring historic China Town, and climbing massive sturctures in order to spot the check point.

The city seemed to be against Kristen and Darren this episode. Twice throughout the adventure they were driven to the wrong location and had to backtrack and find their way again. Kristen and Darren excell at the challenges given to them, but when they have to rely on others to find their way, it proved very frustrating for them and the tension rose. Let’s hear from Kristen on the second episode:

Ali (interviewer): Have you ever speed skated before?

Kristen: I’ve never speed skated before and had no idea how difficult it was! It was even incredibly difficult walking on those things. I have skated before otherwise with relative ease but what a challenging sport speed skating is!

Ali:This episode showed a little bit more of the stress that can come between a team. How do you get back on track and stay positive?

Kristen: We battle hard, share our frustrations and then let them go and move on. We have a common goal in mind at all times which helps us stay on track.

Ali: I never knew how great of dancers you and Darren were! How did you decide between the two challenges?

Kristen: Hahaha I’m not sure we are great dancers but we certainly had a ton of fun once we finally got to dance. Before we started the race we had agreed we were going to choose brawn over brains on any challenge because we enjoy the physical tests.

Ali: How frustrating was it being pointed in the wrong direction a number of times?

Kristen: It was incredibly frustrating. Even watching the show we felt the stress and frustration. We would work so hard to catch up and then lose the time we made up for due to other people and situations. We certainly prefer navigating for ourselves and relying on others less.

Ali: Gypsys, hippes. You’re getting called all kinds of things! How hard is it to keep composure when you’re around another team completing a task?

Kristen: It was never an issue having other team but it was hard to know how much we should work together with them or trust them, people could be very sneaky.

Ali: Were you at all worried you were in last?

Kristen: We thought it was a possibility but were never convinced we were in last. We didn’t see teams for long periods of time which was definitely scary.

Ali: What do we have to look forward to next week?

Kristen: Darren will get to back down to his roots as a cowboy. We get to put our physical strength to the test and there is some serious sneaky behaviour from other teams revealed to us.



Watch the full episode here:



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Let’s cheer them on! Good luck, guys!










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