Amazing Race Canada – Episode 1 Re-cap

It’s safe to say we were all on the edges of our seats here at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort for the premiere episode of Amazing Race Canada. The Race started off in Niagra Falls, ON where the teams almost immediately had to find their tickets to Kelowna. Once in Kelowna, the teams had to locate their next clue under the Blue Bear. After spending the night in the marina, their next adventure brought them to the water where one team member had to dive down into the Okanagan lake and locate the rather shy Ogopogo. Once that was completed, the opposite team member had to climb down an incredibly high ladder and extension to find the next clue. After completing this challenge, the teams had to drive to Quail’s Gate Winery for their first check-in.

Kand D 2 ep 1

Above: Running through the vinyards of the first check point.

Kand D ep 1

Above: Finding out they are in 1st place and have won a trip to Austrailia!

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Kristen and Darren were in the top 3 the entire episode, showing off their lack of fear for adventure.We asked Kristen a couple questions on this week’s episode:

1.       Ali (interviewer): What was going through your mind when the host, Jon, said “go”?

        Kristen: The only thing going through our minds was, run as fast as you can and don’t stop until we get that first clue. The anticipation was incredibly intense and exciting   and from the get go we were focused on doing whatever we need to in order to take a step closer to developing our sustainable community.

        Ali: How much convincing/self-talk did you have to do in order to get yourself down the ladder and to the end of that extension?

        Kristen: None! I was set on doing anything that needed to be done and I was very focused. I took a couple deep breaths and got at it as soon as I could!

        Ali: Were you aware of what place you were in throughout the whole process? Or did you have no clue and just hoped for the best?

        Kristen: Once we reached Kelowna we were fairly certain where we were. When we left the train bridge at the same time as the doctors and went separate directions we were unsure if we were in first or second but felt confident in our navigating. We were very relieved to find out we were in first when we met up with Jon.

        Ali: So, when are you going to Australia?

        Kristen: We are undecided at the moment but do plan to visit New Zealand while w are there and spend sometime catching up with some friends down under.

        Ali:  What do we have to look forward to for next week’s episode?

        Kristen: It will be a very different type of adventure with some frustration and people continuing to face less than comfortable situations. It will be a fun one to watch.

        Ali: Anything else to add?

        Kristen: Just wanted to thank everyone that joined us at the resort to watch and celebrate. It was amazing the support and the excitement everyone showed towards our adventure. We were very grateful to share this experience with everyone. We wished our families and friends from all over could have been with us to join in on the fun.

        Be sure to watch Kristen and Darren’s interview with the CTV BC Morning Show:  http:/

Look out for Kristen and Darren on Amazing Race Canada on CTV Mondays at 9/8C. Check out all things Amazing Race Canada here. If you’re visiting Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, come to Bear’s PawBar & Grill at 9:00pm and watch the episode with Kristen and Darren!

Come back to the blog for episode recaps and commentary from Kristen and Darren every Tuesday.


Connect with Kristen and Darren on Twitter @KristenDarrenBC. Connect with the show at @AmazingRaceCDA and #RaceCDA. Why not add Fairmont Hot Springs Resort while you‚’re at it @FHSResort.


Let’s cheer them on! Good luck, guys!






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