A Night at Fairmont Hot Springs

It was an odd feeling walking up to the front desk at Fairmont Hot Springs with a bag in tow preparing to be a guest at the resort for a night, but I was truly looking forward to a dinner out and a soak in the hot springs.  Having only worked at the resort for a few weeks I thought it was best that I take the lady at front desk up on her offer of a map and a run through of the amenities of the resort.

At the end of the hallway was the suite, which I knew in advance was a highly recommended room and one of the nicest offerings in the Lodge. On first glance as I opened the door was a bar to my left, already equipped with wine glasses and a living room area with a glowing hot fireplace. Stepping further into the suite I noticed the luxurious King bed with an enormous flat-screen wall mounted TV. Plus, one step further I noticed my own personal Jacuzzi tub nestled into the corner. I wanted to stay in this room and take in all that it had to offer, but I was starving.  

The Bear’s Paw Bar & Grill, Mountain Flowers and Steamers Caf√© are about 20 steps down the hall, so you don’t even have to step out into the cold to have a bite to eat. We chose to dine at Mountain Flowers as we were looking forward to a nice meal and a good bottle of wine. With satisfied tummies full of calamari, steak, fish and cheesecake we decided to venture off to the hot springs, which we were admiring through the window at the restaurant.   

Unique to Fairmont Hot Springs is that many of the guests walking through the hallways are not fully clothed, but rather wearing the white robes provided to you in your room. Each day as I sit in my office I find it humorous to watch the robed guests trudging around the resort, but it all now makes perfect sense as it definitely allows for easier entry in and out of the hot springs in the cold weather. It’s a quiet time of the year at Fairmont Hot Springs, so we had the pool all to ourselves surrounded by twinkling Christmas lights and mineral water steam all set on a mountain backdrop.

Working in the Marketing Department at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort it will now be effortless to promote and recommend this cute and cozy Lodge nestled into the beautiful British Columbia Rockies.



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