GIVE MEMORIES! So the holiday season is approaching, in fact, it's here. You haven't shopped for gifts yet and the panic is setting in. Enter Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. We believe in creating experiences and memories and boy have we got the perfect presents to make that happen!   Read more

So it's safe to say that Social Media isn't going away. It just gets bigger and bigger as we see more platforms being created every single day. While it can be daunting knowing what to say on which site and then try and maintain those sites, there is a benefit to it all - we swear!   Read more

Get in the spirit of the season with Fairmont Hot Springs Resort!

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Important Notice of Clarification Concerning Timeshare Operation at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

For Immediate Release:                            


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This winter is going to be a great one, we can just tell! The Ski Area at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort has been busy for a while now with updates and BRAND NEW features. What are they you ask? Well if you haven't heard, we are adding a TUBE PARK to the Ski Area! WOAH! 2 lanes of of super tubing fun will be YOURS to try out this winter. We can't wait to slide down.   Read more

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