Well it seems that spring is right around the corner, and in anticipation of that we all start to put away our winter boots and start to think sandals.   Read more

We've worked hard for months on this brand new website you're currently looking at and all that work has paid off and resulted in something we are really proud of! But we know you can't always get to a computer to check out all our cool stuff so we have created a Facebook page and a Twitter account, meaning you can keep up to date on all the latest happenings! In order to do this we need you to be-friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. You can find the Resort at:   Read more

I'm no meteorologist but these changes in temperature and weather condition are just plain crazy! Yesterday it was -3, grey and cloudy and we were under 5cm of snow. Today, +3, sunny and blue skies and the golf course greens look lovelier than ever! I just went down to Mountainside which is in full spring mode and there were plenty of people on the putting green and motoring around the course in their carts. Spring arrived overnight and not a moment too soon - Riverside has now been open for a week and Mountainside and Creekside Par 3 opened today!   Read more

We had even more snow fall last night - right on the heels of Saturday's storm! Not what you'd expect in April but the snow means the hill is in great condition and sporting fresh powder in the first week of April! The hill is closing on Sunday, April 10 but for the rest of the week get up there and enjoy the "spring" conditions. And even though everything is white outside today it's going to melt quickly and we will be right back into the golf swing of things. Riverside opened last Friday and we're ready to go ... as soon as the sun pops out and warms things up!   Read more

What a weekend on the mountain! It snowed really hard on Saturday morning and by mid-afternoon folks were tearing up 15cm of powder! Deep turns on super smooth corduroy meant it was one of the very best days of the season. Right now, there’s so much snow we could probably ski until May, but it’s time to golf so we’re going to wrap things up this weekend and get out on Riverside. Get up here for some fun in the sun (probably some POW too) on Saturday and Sunday; there will be live music, homemade luge races and a BBQ on the deck for all.   Read more

There is no fooling going on today at Riverside where the golf course has opened for the season. The course conditions are excellent for early spring, hats off to the Turfcare team for getting the course ready to go this quickly! The first player of 2011 teed off this morning at 8:35 am in cool but calm conditions. Currently the temperature is up to a balmy 8 degrees, the wind is calm and the sun is poking through, just the right recipe for a busy first day!   Read more

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