Believe it or not, summer is fast approaching. As we all prepare for the summer season and try on our summer clothes, we look down to realize that our legs are as white as our shorts! Although we’ve all heard that vitamin D from the sun is good for us, too much can be dangerous, so what’s a girl to do? How about try a self tanner. The Natural Springs Spa has just brought in a popular line from Europe called St. Tropez. This line has gradual tanners, makeup type bronzers and everything in between.   Read more

Easter weekend at Fairmont Hot Springs is the place to be! The weather forecast is calling for the best golfing weather we'veve had this year and all 3 golf courses are in excellent spring condition! There will be all sorts of Easter eggs on the golf course but instead of fancy patterns they will have the words “Taylormade” and “Titleist” on them!   Read more

No improvements needed!

Cathy N.

I can't really think of any improvements needed - it's wonderful! BEST facial I've had. Kari was fantastic! Thanks!

Spring seems to be winning the battle against Winter and it's looking nice and sunny for the Easter long weekend. Perfect time to get outside in the sunshine and spend time on the greens. Our golf courses have been open since April 1st and are in great condition ... so if it's cold and, dare I say it, snowy, where you are, head to Fairmont and enjoy the warm weather with us!   Read more

Spring is usually the time to get back into shape, to lose the winter weight still hanging on from a season full of hot chocolate and comfort food but now, with all our dining venues open for the season, this is proving difficult! The Clubhouse and patio at Mountainside Golf Course is open and in addition to its regular menu of deliciousness there is now a Far East Menu, featuring items such as ginger beef, vermicelli bowls and green onion cakes.   Read more

Great event last weekend! What a hilarious experience racing a sled down the ski hill. The imagination of our staff is outrageously funny. Hot tubs, cardboard cars, the roof of a golf cart, a sunbathing chair; were just a few of the creative sled designs. The photos are hilarious too - the crashes were possibly even more creative than the sleds themselves! I can't wait to do it all again next year! Jocelyn MacGregor BC Rockies Adventures   Read more

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