Love was in the air at the Calgary Wedding Fair with brides planning every important detail of their perfect day. Every bride has a dream of what their wedding will entail, so the Wedding Fair is the perfect place for them to get a sense of every o ption from location, food choice, dress style, flower arrangement, photographer and many more.   Read more

There's a snowfall warning in effect for the Columbia Valley and all weather forecasters are calling for a good dump of snow on Friday night... We may pick-up more than 15cm in the next 24 hours, this on top of the 47cm that fell in the past 7-days. Even better, temperatures will be quite mild through the weekend (as opposed to other parts of the region), so don't sit by the heater at home get to the mountain and make tracks.   Read more


Reference number: 00676
Post Date: 05 January 2015
Application Close Date: 28 February 2015
Division: Health & Safety
Position Status: Full-time
Brief Description:

The Lifeguard provides safety in and around the pool facility. Lifeguards perform as accident preventers, rescuers, public relation officers and administrators. 

  • Lifeguards are responsible for the safety and well being of patrons in pool facility. 
  • The Lifeguard has both an ethical and legal duty to provide patrons with a high level of concern and a high standard of care for their safety. 
  • At the same time, the Lifeguard is expected to facilitate this safe, enjoyable aquatic experience. 
  • Will ensure the pool facility is clean, safety equipment is in place/working condition on a daily basis. 
  • Do water tests as required daily. 
  • Assist in Ticket office duties when required. 
  • Assist in maintenance duties, such as locker room cleaning and pool cleaning shifts, and other tasks around the pool. 
  • Provide first aid as required.
  • Must have a current NLS qualification, and CPR-C, Aed training. 
  • Good customer service and public relation skills.
Working Conditions

As a Lifeguard, you will be required to work day and night shifts. At times you will be doing regular cleaning maintenance, of locker rooms and pools. Challenges with an out door facility are weather and other elements.

Physical Requirements

Physical and mental fitness are prerequisites for effective lifeguarding. These skills are needed to sustain vigilant, attentive and alert supervision

Direct Reports

Head Lifeguard or Hot Springs Manager

How to Apply:

Please contact David Sheedy, HR Manager.  Telephone 250 345 6004 or email

Friday nights in February sees the return of public night skiing and the 29th Annual Starlight Challenge.

February 3, 10 ,17 and 24 - NIGHT SKIING 

Every Friday evening in February the Ski Area features fabulous public night skiing and the legendary Starlight Challenge, the exciting adult recreational ski league now in its 29th year.

During night skiing, which runs from 4pm to 9pm on the fou...  Read more

C.D. is a six year old from Invermere. He likes things starting with the letter "s" - school, sweets (he would say candy but that doesn't start with s), Star Wars and snow. Here's what his Sunday at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Ski Area looked like...

1. We woke up early on Sunday and 15-20cm of powder had fallen in town. Yahoo! We wolfed down breakfast and then rushed down for first-ish chair.

2. There is powder everywhere - let's hit it!<...  Read more

  Skiing vs. Snowboarding For many, the topic of Skiing vs. Snowboarding can be quite controversial as it is often believed that one is better than the other. Although I have solely chosen one method my opinion is that both sports allow you to bolt down the mountain at unheard of speeds, graze through soft powder and offer countless hours of fun and exhilaration.   Read more

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