The Little Badgers, an early learning centre in Windermere visited Fairmont Hot Springs Resort to plant flowers in their creative pots they decorated. Before heading into the Greenhouse at Riverside Golf Course they delighted us with a song they learnt all about the growing process. Jessica Pemberton, our Resorts Horticulturalist guided the children into the Greenhouse, a place many of them had never been before. At first sight, they thought they were at the wrong place as the Greenhouse was not literally a green house as most of them expected.   Read more

Every year birders, nature lovers and adventurists gather for a week long festival around Invermere called Wings Over the Rockies to celebrate the beauty of the Columbia Valley. The festival features many activities for the serious birders as well as activities for nature lovers who enjoy the beauty of the Columbia Valley at a faster pace either biking, running or hiking.    Read more

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  One talented lady is responsible for all things beautiful throughout the resort over the summer months. Our resort's Horticultural Technician, Jessica Pemberton has been spending her time at the Greenhouse on Riverside Golf Course caring for each and every tiny seed that will soon become bright and colourful flowers, covering every inch of the Golf Courses and Lodge property.   Read more

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Winter is OVER (fingers crossed) and Spring has arrived here at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. The plentiful amounts of snow that fell this past winter have melted and the nearly green grass is everywhere. Our golf courses have been busy with early season golfers enjoying their first swings in the beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures. Plus, we always have tons to do in Columbia Valley such as hiking, biking, bird watching, soaking in the hot springs and looking for the first signs of squirrels (see previous Blog post).   Read more

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