You will often hear people speak of "artificial snow". This is a misnomer. While the means of producing snow with fans and guns is a human orchestrated process, the end product (i.e. snow) is created using the same meteorological method as Mother Nature invented. "Man-made snow" is, therefore, a much better term.    Read more

There aren’t many things that only require you to relax and yet are incredible for your health at the same time; but mineral springs are definitely one of them. One of the big problems for many unhealthy (and even healthy) people is stress, and let’s be honest, who isn’t at least a little stressed out from time to time? Stress can take a huge toll mentally and physically, but the second you step into a hot spring you begin to feel the weight of the world melt from your shoulders.   Read more

When you think of Salmon one of the first things that probably come to mind is the Ocean. Sure the ocean is packed full of gigantic Salmon, but believe it or not prior to 1942 in our area of the world you could see enormous 40lb Chinook Salmon swimming the rivers of the Columbia.   Read more

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is proud to once again sponsor and host the Columbia Valley Salmon Festival, a community arts and cultural festival celebrating the life journey of the wild Kokanee salmon and the Columbia River. Held in the beautiful BC Rockies resort town of Fairmont Hot Springs and the surrounding area, the Festival takes place this coming weekend of September 28-30   Read more

It’s the Fall, which means that wildlife are abundant in our area getting ready for the cold months by filling their bellies as much as possible before hibernation or heading down South. One of the biggest attractions of the Canadian Rockies is the wildlife, especially large mammals such as elk, moose, bighorn sheep, and bears, which are widespread and easily viewed in our area. All these animals are wild, so precautions need to be taken to not disrupt their environment and to not interfere with their activity.   Read more

The Canada Goose, native to North America, is a commonly seen symbol of Canada, easily recognized by its black head and neck with a white 'chinstrap'. As autumn rolls in and the air turns crisp, the Columbia Valley and the wetlands near Fairmont Hot Springs Resort become busy with migrating geese. Declining numbers in the 1950's and an estimated 1 million geese population in North America, has been revived with wildlife management. The Canada Goose is now flourishing and researchers have estimated there are more than 8 million Canada Geese in North America today.   Read more

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