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Every Friday evening in February is Night Skiing and Starlight Challenge at the Fairmont Hot Springs Ski Area

Every Friday night in February the Ski Area lights up and Sundance Triple Chair goes round and round offering endless amounts of fun on the slopes!

Night Skiing

Ski Area Day passes purchased after 1pm on each of the Fridays in February will be valid until 9pm.

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One of the best things about skiing at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Ski Area or even having a bite to eat in the Ski Chalet at Desperados is the panoramic views of the Columbia Valley and the beautiful Stanford Range. When your eyes span across the beautiful views it seems that your mind and body just completely stop as you take in everything in front of you.   Read more

The world did not end! That is great news! Even better news is the opening of the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Ski Area on what we like to think the official start of your new life! Here's three things you must try now that you've got a full life to live without the gloom of the world ending.   Read more

It's officially golf season!
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You will often hear people speak of "artificial snow". This is a misnomer. While the means of producing snow with fans and guns is a human orchestrated process, the end product (i.e. snow) is created using the same meteorological method as Mother Nature invented. "Man-made snow" is, therefore, a much better term.    Read more

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