Magicians or Artists

You will often hear people speak of “artificial snow”. This is a misnomer. While the means of producing snow with fans and guns is a human orchestrated process, the end product (i.e. snow) is created using the same meteorological method as Mother Nature invented. “Man-made snow” is, therefore, a much better term.

The two key ingredients in any recipe for snow are always the same: water and air. The variables that determine the quality of snow and the ability to make it are, however, numerous and varied. In other words, just because the thermometer reads -5 degrees Celsius doesn’t mean that snow can be made. Humidity, wind, air pressure, water & ground temperature are all major factors that must be considered by the professional snowmaker. This is why those in charge of a resort’s snowmaking fleet are often thought of as a combination of artists and magicians!

The magicians here are Fairmont Hot Springs Ski Area have turned water and air into the white fluffy stuff that we so love!


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