Family First FAQ's

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How Does the Family First Loyalty Program work?

Family First is a loyalty reward program that has not cost to join. You’ll earn one Family First point for every dollar spent at the resort, before any additional tax or gratuities and additional charges such as the EcoStay fee applicable to lodging guests. Then redeem these points for a range of great rewards.

How do I sign up?

Fill out the Family First registration form and your personal loyalty card will be ready for you the next time you visit the resort.

Can anyone qualify for a Family First card?

Family First is a program for individual guests using facilities at the Resort. It is not applicable to group events or corporate group sales. A customer staying as part of a group booking or on a corporate group account may not collect Family First points during that particular stay. Family First points cannot be collected on Real Estate or vacation villa (Timeshare) purchases. 

Is there an expiration date for points earned?

Yes. If a card remains dormant for 24 consecutive months without any activity the points accumulated will expire. Make sure you keep your card active so you don’t lose your points.

When can I start collecting Family First points?

You can start collecting Family First points as soon as you register and receive your card. Start collecting points on your very first visit to Fairmont Hot Springs Resort when you make a purchase at any of our outlets.

How do I redeem my Family First points?

It’s simple! Your card will be swiped at the point of purchase every time you make a purchase at the resort. Once you collect enough points to earn a reward, present your card and redeem the points at the outlet to collect and enjoy your reward.

Do all my Resort purchase count towards earning Family First points?

Yes. Use your card every time you make a purchase at the Resort to maximize the amount of points earned, and make sure the cashier at each outlet swipes your card every time you make a purchase. You can earn points at the Lodge, dining, ski area, RV parks, hot pools, shopping, golf, BC Rockies Adventures, spa and more! Real Estate and Timeshare purchases do not qualify.

Can I convert my Family First points to cash?

No. Family First points are not refundable and they may not be converted to cash or to reward items not designated on the handbook or website.

What if I lose my Family First Loyalty card?

Please call customer service at 250.345.6070 and report your lost card. We will be able to provide you with a new card and transfer your information, as well as your points onto your new card.

Is the Family First Loyalty Card transferable?

The Family First Loyalty Card is not transferable, it is registered to the card applicant.

More information

If you have any other questions, please contact us at or  250.345.6000.

Ready to go? Fill out our online registration form and you'll be earning points on your next visit.