Corporate Retreats and Team Building

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Campfire Iron Chef

The most delicious team-building activity available!

Groups are challenged to create two different desserts using the ingredients provided. Each group must make a fire and then cook both dishes over the coals. Put on your chef hat, it's time to get cookin'!

Points are scored for dish presentation, taste, and group dynamics.

$19 per person

Geocache Cup

Our most popular "active challenge".

Each team uses a hand-held GPS to locate hidden geocaches (treasures) around Resort property. Inside each geocache is an exciting task that the group must complete in order to receive points.

Add a "poker run" to the challenge at no cost! Groups will receive points by making the best hand out of the cards found in each geocache.

$15 per person

Group Adventures

Any of our programs and adventures may be tailored to meet your groups needs. Groups of more than 10 participants receive a 10% discount on all tours offered by BC Rockies Adventures.

Or have an activity in mind? We would love to put together a custom program for you and your group. Tell our team your ideas, and we'll make it happen.

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