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The wildlife that you encounter here at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, can leave an indelible impression on your vacation. We share this environment with many animals that call Fairmont Hot Springs home. Large or small, every animal deserves our respect. Sharing this space with the local wildlife means that encounters with the large animals indigenous to the area are not uncommon.   Read more

The Canada Goose, native to North America, is a commonly seen symbol of Canada, easily recognized by its black head and neck with a white 'chinstrap'. As autumn rolls in and the air turns crisp, the Columbia Valley and the wetlands near Fairmont Hot Springs Resort become busy with migrating geese. Declining numbers in the 1950's and an estimated 1 million geese population in North America, has been revived with wildlife management. The Canada Goose is now flourishing and researchers have estimated there are more than 8 million Canada Geese in North America today.   Read more

When you visit Fairmont Hot Springs Resort please be aware that bears live in the area.   Read more

What does it mean to be a proud Canadian? Is it a love of hockey and fishing? Is it the ripple of pride when you hear the national anthem played at an event or when you see the RCMP dressed in their finest performing as the Musical Ride, a recognizable symbol of Canada around the world? Is it acceptance of the equality of people, regardless of colour, creed or sex?   Read more

Winemaking is an old and noble craft, with archaeological evidence revealing the art of fermenting juice dating back to 6000 BC. Today, wine is produced all over the world, with the BC Okanagan region becoming renowned as a world-class producer of award-winning wines.   Read more

Sure, we all know we need to eat properly, get more sleep, exercise and cut the stress levels in order to optimize our health. But there are many additional simple positive actions to bring into your daily routine that promote good health. Below are ten easy health tips, as recommended by our health and wellness experts at the  Natural Springs Spa to promote well-being and longevity*:   Read more

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