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  Everyone at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort and in the town of Fairmont Hot Springs is safe and well after a debris flow in the late afternoon, July 15th, 2012. The torrent of water from high in the mountains carried large rocks and trees with it and destroyed much in its path. The debris flow cut access to the RV Park, badly damaged the pedestrian bridge to the RV Park, buried the source of the hot springs, deposited rock, mud and timber on parts of the Mountainside Golf Course and left a mess on the canyon floor.   Read more

The waters are high, but the grass is dry at Riverside Golf Course. This week we have lots of golfers enjoying the beautiful sunshine and the green grass on all three of the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Golf Courses. What a great opportunity to cruise around on the golf cart and snap some photos of everyone enjoying their day. Here are some photos of Riverside Golf Course:     Read more

With a very successful 1st Annual East Kootenay Beer Festival under our belt it only seems right that we tribute this blog to the art of great beer. For many, the highlight of the event was having the ability to sample a huge variety of local craft beers and ultimately choose their personal favourite. The event resulted in not only a bunch of smiling faces as the breweries were very generous with their delicious samples, but ultimately a winner of the personal choice award for the most favoured local  beer.     Read more

It's Father's Day weekend and we all know that Dad's love the BBQ. To honour Dad and his fantastic grilling skills here are five tips to help him perfect the meat.  *Tips from Avenue Calgary Have faith in your butcher   Read more

Thank you to the Bavin family for this Blog post. Bavin Glassworks is opening soon at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort.     Read more

The Little Badgers, an early learning centre in Windermere visited Fairmont Hot Springs Resort to plant flowers in their creative pots they decorated. Before heading into the Greenhouse at Riverside Golf Course they delighted us with a song they learnt all about the growing process. Jessica Pemberton, our Resorts Horticulturalist guided the children into the Greenhouse, a place many of them had never been before. At first sight, they thought they were at the wrong place as the Greenhouse was not literally a green house as most of them expected.   Read more

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